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Law Student Recognises She Won’t Be Going Into Environmental Law

Lucy Connell wants to simultaneously make it rain $$$ and save the children.

Photograph by hopeless128 @ Flickr.
Photograph by hopeless128 @ Flickr.
Photograph by hopeless128 @ Flickr.

It took Gemma*, 20, a long time to speak openly to family and friends about wanting to be a corporate lawyer.

“It was really difficult,” she admitted. “All of my peers pretend to care about human rights and stuff.”

Several other students we spoke to described similar stigma after stating they wished to make a lot of money in tutorial icebreakers. However, all refused to go on the record for fear of jeopardising their SULS positions.

The latest figures reveal 97.5 per cent of first year Sydney Law students plan to work pro bono for the UN on animal rights after they graduate.

“Animal rights law is obviously my long term goal,” said Edward, 21. “I’m just clerking part time for Allens until I get there.”

Experts remain unsure as to the cause of this widespread ‘Pro-Bono’ effect. Professor Hilarum of the Social Psychology Department could only suggest that “it may be something to do with trying to sleep with arts students”.

*name changed to protect privacy