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Liberté, Egalité, Raue

A letter from Georgia Carr.

Dear Honi,

I am writing regarding the Supreme Court decision that was handed down to Union Board Director Tom Raue last Monday. By removing the injunction that Tom placed against the Board last November, this decision allows the other directors to vote to expel Tom as they originally attempted to in September last year.

I find it absurd that Tom could be democratically, directly elected by hundreds of students, and yet a group of only ten now have the ability to dismiss him. Not to mention many of the board directors may also stand to profit in removing Tom, particularly since his position as Vice President would also be vacated.

As someone who voted for Tom back in 2012 and as a highly involved member of the Union through its Clubs and Societies program, I feel that a move to dismiss him flies in the face of the idea that ordinary members are given a legitimate say in the goings on of their student union, and I urge board members who feel the same to keep Tom on board.

Tom ran on a platform of reform and transparency and, if anything, has honoured his election promises better than any other candidate of his year. This commitment to transparency is the same reason he could now face dismissal; the very same thing which students voted him in for he can now be voted out for, only this time it’s only by a handful of students.

I would also like to commend Honi’s efforts in stopping student elected Union Board Directors from seeking the votes of the two senate-appointed Board Directors in the upcoming executive election; I believe that maintaining student democracy is integral to a student-run organisation.

Georgia Carr
President, French Society
Vice President, Labor Club