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Men’s Rights Society Moves To More Phallic UTS Building

Elliott Brennan is a dick who loves dicks.

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In light of scathing criticism on the Sydney University campus, the Men’s Rights Society (POWERSOC) has announced a move to the much more phallic UTS main building.

The President of POWERSOC, Maan Li, told Honey Soy that the new hub was about more than running away from criticism.

“When you see the tower, you just know it’s a strong building…it represents POWERSOC taking a hard, swollen, firm approach.”

The change in location has not changed the agenda and ethos of POWERSOC, who still maintain that fedoras are really great, almost as great as comparing dick sizes while making women in the kitchen jokes.

POWERSOC’s move has been welcomed by most at the University of Sydney, with an unofficial party even being held by the Women’s Collective at Manning Bar late on Friday.

Despite this reaction, Hannah Smith, the declared arch-nemesis of POWERSOC and NSW President of the NUS, remained unusually quiet on the issue, leaving only the cryptic tweet: “I never was any good at Jenga.”

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