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Students Disqualified From My Kitchen Rules After Kitchen Exposed As Bathroom

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The offending 'kitchen'. (Image: darkbuffet, via Flickr)
The offending 'kitchen'. (Image: darkbuffet, via Flickr)
The offending ‘kitchen’. (Image: darkbuffet, via Flickr)

Two university students have been disqualified from My Kitchen Rules after it was uncovered that the room they had put forward as their “kitchen” did not meet the competition’s hygienic standards.

19-year-old Joseph Smith and his housemate 20-year-old Brendan Walsh had appeared as contestants on Channel Seven’s top-rating reality TV show. However, their run was cut short before the pair’s ‘instant restaurant’ round, as the premises they had nominated to host the round were deemed too dirty to be a kitchen.

The room – which appears on the Sydney University Village unit’s floor plan as a kitchen – was instead determined to be a rather unkempt and heavily soiled bathroom.

A representative from Channel Seven told Honi Soit that there were various problems with the boys’ alleged kitchen, including a carton of milk that had solidified to closely resemble a bar of soap.

“The faecal matter in found in the drain of the pairs’ alleged sink forced us to make the tough call to classify that apparatus as a toilet and, thus, determine that the room they had provided was not in compliance with the show’s code of conduct,” he said.

“Often it’s a fine line between a kitchen and a bathroom, but we think it’s important for the integrity of the show that we make that call as early and as clearly as possible.”

Smith admitted that the presence of faecal matter in his drain was likely, “because university”.

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