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The Manning Files – Week 2, Semester 1, 2014

The Manning Files, Week 2, Semester 1.

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Et tu USU? 

The USU has once again been dragged before the Supreme Court. This time it wasn’t Tom Raue, the Board’s resident beardy Anarchist and Vice President-at-large who faced the chopping block earlier this February, joining them. Instead, the plaintiff du jour is Mark Anthony, the Union’s former photographer and graduation portrait specialist.

Marky Mark has held a license to occupy a room in the Holme Bulding since 1991. When the latest agreement expired in March 2012, the USU let Anthony stay on, on a casual month-to-month basis.

Following refurbishments to Holme, the USU moved to kick Anthony out with one month’s notice, which the court said was “unreasonable and oppressive.”

As such, the USU was prohibited from evicting him. Both parties will reconvene in the gladiatorial pit of the Supreme Court (Equity Division) at a later date.

It looks like the USU is likely to bleed money for an indeterminate amount of time. Anyone looking for a Board campaign slogan might consider this suggestion:

“Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears; I come to evict you, one by one, cya l8r.”

The Munging Files

As if the free publicity of their mention in last week’s Manning Files wasn’t enough, the Sydney University Liberal Club’s new newspaper Mon Droit managed to snag some sneaky coverage in The Australian’s daily blog ‘High Wired’. The anonymous journalist praises Mon Droit’s invitation for readers to send in any examples of lecturer bias, but saves their highest praise for the name Ignatius P. Wentorth (hereafter “Iggy-Paw”) whose crew is described as “rascally rascals”.

You might be tempted to wonder why a national newspaper finds the founding of a campus publication worthy of reporting, but don’t fret. It’s clearly just some inter-print camaraderie (aka some casual right wing loving).

The editors of Honi Soit also rated a mention. We were hailed as “those obnoxious, smelly, hairy, loud, mung-bean chomping lefties who run Sydney University student rag Honi Soit”.

We would recommend that The Australian should actually read the publication they’re attempting to cover. Even Mon Droit was aware that these stereotypes about the left are woefully out of date. Iggy-Paw conceded that “the stench of socialism is dispersing as the latte-sippers, liberals, useless lefties, chattering classes and twitterati replace the shampoo adverse Trotskyists”.

High Wired, get your pejoratives in order. And for the record, at least six of us used shampoo since last week’s slander.