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The Manning Files – Week 3, Semester 1, 2014

The Manning Files, Week 3, Semester 1.

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So it turns out they don’t hate each other these days

The Evangelical Union seemingly made an ecumenical faux pas after holding a Week One welcoming BBQ on Ash Wednesday, a day on which Catholics are unable to eat meat. In doing so, the EU – which describes itself as “a student-run Christian group” – appeared to have excluded 36 per cent of Australia’s Christian population from their Sunken Lawns celebration.

We thought that this might be a great meaty story, but no. Apparently Catholics on campus didn’t mind missing out on the non-denominational (literal) sausage-fest. “We had no problem with what the EU did,” Vice President of the Catholic Society of St Peter Christopher Pinto.

“We by no means take offence and we don’t think they had any malice; they were just trying to build up new members.”

EU President Matthew Hill said that the society had not received any complaints about the event. While the majority of EU members identify as Protestant, Hill said that the non-denominational society had “a range of EU members from Catholics to Protestants and all the denominations within those groups”.

Hey, mind your own racism!

Last week, the University of Sydney Business School joined the ranks of the University of Sydney Union and St. Paul’s with an all-caps display of racial insensitivity.

“Keen to knock off a 6 credit point subject during Uni break from a DUSTY INDIAN VILLAGE?” read an announcement on the School’s Blackboard. Closer inspection of the 40K website, the program’s chief sponsor, reveals the “DUSTY INDIAN VILLAGE” in question is, in fact, an ostensibly nameless “village right next to Bangalore!”

Oh my god that’s like so exotic! Also, is India really dustier than Australia? That seems unlikely.

Climbing the stairway to swole

The Manning Files have received word that Led Zeppelin’s enthralling epic Stairway to Heaven has made it onto the Sydney University Gym playlist.

Whilst this song is a classic, Manning Files is of the opinion that it’s fairly unsuited to smashing cardio or grinding out some reps. Unless you’re on the StairMaster, of course.