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“We, too, have chalked on walls”

A letter from Micaela Pattison & Timothy Scriven.

Serious allegations have been made against a member of our august body.

One of our number stands accused of assaults against a mild and meek feature wall – innocent of all matters. In doing so they violated that most important of codes for which we all feel reverence, the Advertising on Campus Policy- thus breaching Chapter 8 of the University of Sydney By-Law.

 We could not, in good conscience, stand by and allow a fellow student to face grievous sanctions from the university’s most senior disciplinary tribunals without baring our own corruption. It is with leaden hearts and trembling throats that we must declare our mea culpa, should the university be washed of sins.

We too, have chalked on walls.

We throw ourselves on the just cruelty of this most ancient and terrible institution and implore others guilty
of such transgressions to join us in facing whatever sharp corrections
may be visited upon us.

If though, in its most dread majesty, the university decides to grant us benevolence, we ask to that such bountiful mercy be extended to
the accused.

Micaela Pattison (PhD candidate, history) & Timothy Scriven (MPhil candidate, philosophy)