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Well, we fucked up (again)

A letter from Helen Tong.

Dear Honi,

Not being a crossword fanatic, I read your apology in Week 3’s Honi to cruciverbalists with disinterest; however when I eventually flipped my way to the puzzle page I found myself puzzled by the quality of the fact-checking.

For instance, in the quiz, as anyone who understood high school science could tell you, the first five elements (in order!) are not helium, hydrogen, lithium, beryllium, and boron; but are instead hydrogen, helium, lithium, beryllium, and boron. Additionally, ‘walrus’ (26 across, cryptic) neither contains 7 letters nor the letter ‘h’.

I know the SRC (and thus Honi) are a bit cash and time-strapped and thus may not make editing the puzzle pages a priority, which is fine, but is it too hard for someone, somewhere, to check some sort of reference book before printing?

Best wishes,
Helen Tong

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