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Before you wreck yo self

A letter from Paps, one of Honi Soit’s crossword compilers.

Hey Team,

Just a quick response to Helen Tong’s overzealous note (Wk 4, letters page) in which I stand accused of blundering Week 3’s cryptic crossword. Helen here draws readers’ attention to the fact that the word “walrus” contains neither 7 letters or the letter H. Well spotted Helen! Next time, however, it might be wise to check whether any other words fit into the little boxes before you write to the editors with a heart filled with hate and a half-finished crossword on your lap. The seven-lettered, h-containing word used to designate a long-toothed sea-mammal (and the correct answer to 26-Ac) was in fact “narwhal”.

Check yourself, Helen.

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