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Board votes to keep Raue

Justin Pen reports as the Raue saga comes to a close.


The University of Sydney Union (USU) Board voted today to keep Vice President Tom Raue on Board, with 6 directors voting for his removal and 5 directors voting against.

For a more detailed history of events, see Honi Soit’s full timeline here.

To pass, the motion required a two-thirds majority, or 8 of 11 Directors, to vote to expel Raue.

Bebe D’Souza, Robby Magyar, Eve Radunz, Tom Raue, and Tara Waniganayaka voted against the motion, while Karen Chau, Kade Denton, John Harding-Easson, Tim Matthews, Hannah Morris, and Sophie Stanton voted for the motion.

This follows the collection of 645 signatures, by the “Stand with Raue” campaign, in support of the Vice President.

The special resolution to remove Raue was first proposed last September, but was delayed following a court order made last October.

The Supreme Court lifted the injunction and found the Board had the capacity to remove Raue from Board, though remained silent on the allegations levelled against him.

Raue was accused of engaging in “serious misconduct”, when he leaked a statement from a report to Honi Soit, concerning the University’s control over police following instances of police violence that emerged during industrial action, which took place last year.

More to come.