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Clickbait Article Fails To Answer The Big Questions

Lucy Connell wrote this article and you won’t believe how it ends!

“I just don’t think journalistic standards are what they used to be,” says student Ingrid Blackman, 23. Speaking on behalf of a generation dissatisfied with the depth and quality of news available, Ingrid criticises dropping journalistic standards. “For instance, I have often wondered which animal Prince William looks like,” she points out, “but Buzzfeed’s answer of ‘bonobo’ just doesn’t ring true. I mean did they even look at him from different angles? They are treating us like we are idiots.”

Other young people express similar concerns. Jake, 24, notes that journalists are under increasing pressure, with tighter margins, and competition online. However, in his view, this is not an excuse for sloppy research. “When I click on ‘Twenty Animal Celebrity Stories You Will Never Believe!’ I don’t need to be patronised,” he declares. ‘’Number 3 – ‘Lassie had anxiety’ – was actually fairly foreseeable. And I don’t think they asked nearly enough hard questions about Flipper’s drug problem.”

Such sentiments may explain why Gen Y are opting out of traditional media in increasing numbers. “I just want my news straight,” explained Sarah, a 20-year-old Veterinary Science student. “I get so sick of all the spin and political bullshit that creeps into any coverage of the issues. Just tell me 10 weird ways to lose belly fat, and leave your bias out of it.”

What answers do they suggest to the decline of journalism? “Ultimately I think it’s about taking ownership of the problem,” answers Taylor, 22. “Journalists need to say, ‘You know what? This isn’t good enough. I’m going to take responsibility, and be that change.’ When I click on ‘12 Dating Site Selfies That Will Blow Your Mind’, they genuinely need to be committed to blowing my mind.”

Taylor looks concerned. “I mean at the end of the day, surely the subtitles could be more thought-provoking than ‘Cat lady is a cat-ch?’ There are just so many puns out there to be made about dating site selfies.”

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