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Coalition Opts to Reduce Costs By Having More Women in Parliament

Jayce Carrano reports.

The government has taken budgetary belt-tightening into its own hands, vowing to remove a few belts and pants and replace them with skirts. Last week, treasurer Joe Hockey announced the inclusion of more women in parliament as a necessary cost-cutting sacrifice. When asked about the move, he said ‘we have to look outside the box, so we’re now looking to include more box in cabinet’.

Analysts agree the government will save millions. One commentator, Mr Showe Vinist, said: ‘Women are the Aldi of the workforce: not really your preference but times are tough so you just have to deal.’ In Australia, it’s standard to pay women 18 per cent less but observers agree the government could stretch that to 25 if they opt for some two-for-one deals.

Vinist also suggested the move would drastically reduce the possibility of leadership spills by removing people who Coalition voters might see as potential leaders and replacing them with women.

The move certainly hasn’t been welcomed by Coalition heartland. The hashtag ‘#mowomenmoproblems’ began trending on twitter several hours after the Coalition confirmed the plan, though was later overtaken by ‘#waitwomenwhatwhy’.