Editorial: Week 6

The editorial from Week 8, featuring the Great Quadrangle Fire, refugee activism and a plea to Michael Spence.

The Great Quadrangle Fire of 1984.

As this paper hits stands mid-week, the University of Sydney community will commemorate the 30 year anniversary of the Great Quadrangle Fire of 1984. Our cover art this week pays tribute to the 27 students who died in the blaze.

The extensive damage to the Quadrangle may have been repaired by the end of 1989, but nothing has yet repaired the damage to our hearts. We can only hope the University has fixed, once and for all, the constant gas leak problems plaguing the structure.

The ban on open flames in and around the Quadrangle remains in place, just in case.

This edition of Honi Soit features comprehensive coverage of last week’s protests at the Villawood Detention Centre in south west Sydney. The exploitation of asylum seekers by Australia’s fourth estate, the resulting moral panic, and the failure to investigate the matter prudently has contributed to the status quo.

Where the media has failed, activism has stepped in to provide a voice to the powerless.

Honi Soit is, unlike almost all other newspapers, primarily written by its audience. Editorials usually reflect the beliefs and values of a paper’s readership. The weekly content of this paper reflects a traditional editorial, fuelled by the consistent efforts and talents of the writers and artists who contribute to the paper. Without these contributors, Honi Soit would not make it to print every week.

Finally, we reflect upon the recent announcement of the Vice Chancellor’s priorities for 2014. Much like how Ash Ketchum’s Charizard ignored his battle commands on the way to defeat during episode 79 of Pokémon’s first season, the VC has ignored our repeated pleas and doused our hopes for coke and beer in the bubblers. The University is falling behind in this field, as the only Go8 university without it. We hope the Chancellor finds room to add this issue to the 2014 agenda.