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For fuck’s sake, talk about Donut King for once

A letter from Jeremiah B. Cronshaw.

Hello Honi Soit.

I am a long time reader of, and writer to, this venerable publication. My love of this magazine has been carefully cultured over 7 years of study at USyd. I applaud your efforts, noted in the most recent issue’s editorial, to “ recount facts, describe perspectives, and [to] try to make sense of unfolding events.” Nevertheless, I believe that your mission statement needs a re-think.

The bickering that goes on in the USU and SRC is boring, and irrelevant to the majority of students. I suggest that the people who find those issues exciting would be a minority.

A devil’s advocate appears. “Hey guy, if you don’t like it then ignore it and flick the pages so you can read that awesome jury service piece by Lane Sainty!”

Usually I’d agree with that sentiment but I have a problem with that attitude here. First, I believe that giving attention to present bickering encourages future bickering. That is undesirable for the reasons stated above. Second, I have reason to believe that the bickering is distracting the USU from their more practical duties.

Case in point: I sent the USU an email the other day DEMANDING that Donut King be returned to its rightful place in the Wentworth Building. Newer students might be unaware that a deal used to be available on campus, where one could get a large coffee AND two delicious, fresh cinnamon donuts for about $4, with your seventh coffee being a free one! PLUS, the friendly staff knew your name, they didn’t yell at you, and they had a system that worked dammit. The Union ignored my plea for the return of that beloved puffy pastry franchise. Probably because they were too busy bickering over pointless shit that no-one cares about.

So let’s limit the conversation about this “Tom Raue” character and focus instead on more practical matters. Like Donut King.

Good day,

Jeremiah B. Cronshaw

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