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Ooze, ooze and more ooze

A letter from Edward Furst.

Dear Honi,

It is said to be known amongst those of us who are knowledgeable, that there is much to be sought that indeed has not yet been sought, at the University of Sydney. The imposingly grand sandstone walls have been purposefully built in such a manner, as to deter any degree of soughting by those who desire the hallowed institution’s hidden secrets. Indeed it is these exact seekers who led the university’s founders to install such sand-stone lions and hideous grotesques as protection of it’s innermost unknowableness. The university’s motto ‘Sidere mens eadem mutato’ translates, as we all know from our primary school Latin, into ‘though the constellations change, the mind stays the same’. Make of this what you will, but these words are positively oozing with suggestive meaning, evidently clear for those among us who can comprehend ooze better than others. It has often been said that a lay man will look upon ooze and remark ‘ughh, ooze!’ whereas the learned will look upon ooze as an equal, and exchange private glances of amusement with the substance, maybe even a wry wink of the eye, induced by the layman’s ignorance. It is the said unknowableness, hidden in the university, that attracts the best and the brightest from around our country to assemble here today – and tomorrow – and indeed the day after that in what may be called university life or the never ending quest for knowing the unknowable. It is for this and the fore mentioned reasons that I salute Honi Soit and the university as they so rightly deserve.

Yours truly

Edward Furst

Bachelor of Economics

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