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Year 4 attends the Model United Nations

By Mary Ward (4B).

U.S. President Obama speaks on the phone with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu at the White House in Washington

On Saturday morning at 7:30am Katie S (4A) Laura P (4B) and I arrived at school to get onto a bus and go to the Model United Nations. We were all super excited!!!!

Model UN is a game where different teams pretend to be different countries in the United Nations, which is a big group of countries that make laws about things that affect them all. There are some prizes at the end, but the real winner is our education.

We were representing France, which is a country in Europe with a population of 65.7 million people. Their flag is blue, white and red and their capital city is called Paris, also known as “The City of Love”. It is a very romantic country, and is shown in lots of adult movies.

When we arrived we had registration. Our registration bag came with a lanyard, an ad for a tutoring company, a discount voucher for The Economist, a pen, and a Sydney University undergraduate guide. It was so cool.

Then we went to our seats in the UN General Assembly and listened to some kids read out their papers.

Then it was time for our team to speak. Katie read out our paper and she did an incredible job. She had awesome eye contact.

Then it was my favourite part: lunch!!!!!! I had a peanut butter sandwich, a muesli bar and an apple juice popper. Katie also had an apple juice popper but Laura just had water. It was really yummy.

We then went back to the General Assembly and listened to some more countries read out their statements.

There were also these adults who were playing Model UN. Some of them were older than 20. That’s older than Laura’s neighbour!

When I grow up, I want make a difference to disadvantaged people in our world by being in the Model UN just like them. They were very inspirational and pretty.

Then it was time to get back on the bus and go home.

We didn’t win any of the prizes, but we still had a lot of fun and did our best.

Thank you to Mrs. Smith and Mr. Jones for taking us to Model United Nations. We had the most fun EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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