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7 ways to make your man a feminist

7 foolproof ways to make your man a feminist!

1. Tell him you find feminist guys SEXY – did someone say #sohot #yum

2. Play him some feminist tunes – don’t forget to include Hard Out Here by Lily Allen and I Kissed A Girl by Katy Perry

3. Throw him and his mates a Judy Chicago feminist dinner party! Set the table with vulva-like flowers and make sure you serve oysters (apparently they’re an aphrodisiac!).

4. Have a feminist film night; make him bring his sister and his mum. Movie ideas include: Bend It Like Beckham, Mean Girls, Clueless and Blue Is The Warmest Colour (for those of you looking for an arthouse fix!)

5. Have a feminist fitness day – Zumba, Yoga or mixed netball (don’t worry – he doesn’t have to wear a skirt!). If you’re short for ideas, check out the Bondi Yoga Festival – great place to don a bindi, align your chakras and share a quinoa, acai berry and crushed chia seed smoothie.

6. Have a self-care day – shave his legs (make sure you use Gillette MEN razors), give him a manicure, read each others horoscopes and make a scrapbook of your relationship.

7. Invite him to come to non-autonomous campus events: encourage him to perform, speak and get involved – we always need a male perspective in wom*ns spaces to keep things balanced.