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Where do I sign up?

A letter from George Target.

Dear Honi,

As any university student beyond first year would know, May is generally speaking a fairly shit month. Not only are exams looming on the horizon but we have to endure weeks of campaigning puppets and their obnoxious in-your-face flicking of pseudo-political promises. On an annoyance scale of one to ten, where we’ll make ten the charity workers outside Newtown Station who run the line of verbal/physical/psychological abuse, USU campaigners are a solid nine.

My main problem with the elections though lies not in the candidates squabbling for meal vouchers and parking spots, but a much simpler issue. Ignoring the fact that Eastern Avenue looks like some dodgy website covered in flashy, virus-ridden advertisements – how fucking hard could it be to make your sign stand up?

How can I trust you with my precious vote and twenty-two million dollars of funding if you can’t make two bits of chipboard stand up to an autumn breeze? Heard of bracing? Or just a base? Or even a sandbag? If cafes can do it with their (frankly much wittier) enticements how come a potential representative for fifty thousand students can’t? Every year it’s a cry for change and improvement when to the rest of us it’s the same coloured shirts and promises, just different arts students. It’s the simple stuff guys, try not to look like idiots and USU elections might not seem such a farce to the rest of us.

George Target

BE/BDes(Arch) (II)