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Review: Jew Revue

Helen Xue wants a fro.


Walking into Jew Revue as an atheist expecting to be bombarded by a litany of foreskin jokes, I was pleasantly surprised by how well ‘Torah the Explorer’ accommodated those from all religions and backgrounds.

Whilst there were plenty of in-jokes reserved for the actual Jews in the crowd (a Passover video skit that drew howls and belly laughs aplenty unfortunately went over this reviewer’s non-Jewish head), the jokes were very diverse and accessible, with the showrunners displaying a tightly scripted set that never lost its energy during its two hour runtime. The calibre of singing and acting was excellent and the cast maintained their high energy throughout the show.

Highlights include a Batman skit where Batman was fairly accused of exploiting child labour in the form of Robin, as well as a Garden of Eden skit where Adam elopes with a male lover (Steve?), abandoning a sexually frustrated Eve to her forever alone destiny. Sung to the tune of ‘Let it Go’ from Frozen, a big solo number on ‘Jewish Fros’ closed the first half of the show and simultaneously marked the beginning of ‘Let It Go’s reign as the most over-parodied and ubiquitous song in revue season this year.

A special mention must go to the ‘speed dating in the dark’ skit, which may be a frontrunner for the most creative and non-gratuitous nude skit in the history of customary nude revue skits.

The band are also to be commended for their fabulous song choices that went down a real treat with the nerds in the crowd. From Street Fighter to the Power Rangers, they received thunderous applause for their keyboard-only rendition of the Pirates of the Caribbean medley.

At the end of the day, I walked out of Jew Revue amply satisfied and solidly convinced that I too, can rock a Jewish fro.