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Customer Correctly Redefines Planck’s Constant

Elliott Brennan is an Arts student, so this is a weird article for him to write.

The course of quantum physics was radically shifted in the Parkes Radio-Telescope gift shop yesterday when a customer correctly changed Planck’s Constant.

Previously and wrongly assumed to be 6.62606957 × 10-34 m2 kg / s, eight year old Millie Harris said the value is actually 9.

When asked if the units were to remain the same as the old constant, Millie simply said: “Nup.”

The child prodigy argued briefly with the store clerk while her mum was purchasing her a ‘Search For Aliens From Your Backyard’ telescope kit.

The 24-year-old clerk, who is currently completing his PhD in Quantum Mechanics at Charles Sturt University, ignorantly taunted the young girl by asking for her credentials before his manager stepped in and confirmed everything the customer was saying.

The revelation of the old constant in 1900 by German Physicist Max Planck was the turning point in the debate over whether light was a particle or a wave, solved the black box radiation problem and was fundamental to Albert Einstein’s entire body of work – including the constancy of the speed of light and the equivalence of mass and energy.

The international Physics community is in disarray, desperately trying to comprehend the consequences of this exciting development.

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