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Down the reddit hole

A not-scintillating journey to /r/notinteresting.

Since the dawn of Web 2.0 and the Internet Of Things, the people are drowning in an ocean of Big Data, and something about Twitter. We’ll pull you from the chop, reaching out from the Lifeboat, extending not only a hand of help, but a hand of wisdom. Our purpose, as a humble desalination plant, is to help you drink the best moisture the Cyberland has to offer.

This week’s sweet treat is the /r/notinteresting subreddit. There are eight subreddit rules, but only the first matters – “1. No interesting content”.

One popular post is titled “My trip from the dorm to home – A documentary in picture”. Over 72 images, user “CrispyLiberal” recounts their daily trip, including philosophical commentary such as “I went outside, and noticed these lights. They provide luminance at night, they were off at the moment, because it was daytime”.

Another user posted, “due to popular demand”, 15 photos of their journey taking in a recycling bin. In reply, “Phreshzilla” noted that “my garage opener is the same as yours”.

There are mind-expanding revelations (“For the first time in history, it’s May 3rd, 2014”), and observations of importance (“My root beer isn’t as long as two 9 volt batteries and a pencil lined up”).

For those who enjoy living vicariously through others, you can experience the joy of unboxing a new pack of 300 OfficeMax index cards – the poster noting that “each stack of 100 is wrapped individually. This is good because I don’t need all 300 at the moment.”

The power of /r/notinteresting is in bringing joy and fulfilment to traditionally staid and banal undertakings. It’s an exploration of the human spirit.