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Assange Leaves Embassy To Buy Bottle Of Milk

Mary Ward prefers skim milk too.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has left the Ecuadorian embassy in London to purchase a bottle of milk.

The Australian journalist, who has been in asylum at the embassy since 2012, reportedly walked out the front door of the embassy and around the corner to a Tesco supermarket, where he purchased a two litre bottle of low-fat milk.

A representative from the Ecuadorian embassy confirmed that Assange had made the trip, citing a difference in dairy preferences as the reason for his decision.

“We had full cream, but he’s on one of those low-fat diet things where he can only have skim,” the representative said.

“The rest of us think skim tastes like water, but he seems to like it.”

Assange returned to the embassy and proceeded to make a banana smoothie.