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Couple Expresses Love By Interlocking Holes Where Vomit Also Comes Out Of

Thomas Murphy is a true romantic.

Today lovers Charlie Forsythe and Alex Farriday, as an ultimate expression of affection and tender emotion for each other, formed a tightly sealed flesh tunnel within which an unexpected torrent of vomit, containing gastric acid and semi-digested mush, could come spewing forth from at any second.

While swapping mucus and enzymes that normally begin breakdown of foodstuffs in the digestion process, the couple were seemingly unaware that they were creating a skin-covered airlock, that could explode by the force of projectile puking caused by pyloric stenosis, cerebral hemorrhaging, uremia, or any other number of life-threatening diseases.

This practice of expressing highest form of esteem for another individual, as well as sexual desire or a promise of a life-long connection in love and dependence, is still enjoyed by human beings all round the world, despite the orifice’s further roles as an exit point for a mixture of bile, gastric acid and faeces if intestinal obstruction occurs.

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