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Getting it on in Darlington

Angela Collins gets Camperdown and dirty.

Spring is fast approaching and the birds and the bees are spreading their wings around USyd campus. However, with the multiplication of couples on campus, there’s an inevitable battle for romantic territory. Hot date spots are in high demand so students can ensure their relationships bloom as beautifully as the springtime flowers. Here’s the lowdown on the hottest, tried-and-true places of passion scattered around campus.

For something a little bit fancy:

Nothing screams class like a baguette in a long paper bag! Treat your boy-toy by taking him out for a casual but chic dining experience at Taste Baguette in the Law Annex. You can drop pick up lines and witty banter in the never-ending queue, eat your elongated bread roll on the tables while gallantly defending him from rogue ibises, and then finish things off on the Law Lawns for a bit of Edward-and-Bella-style gazing meadow action. Every guy’s dream, right?

For a time-honoured Sydney Uni dating experience: 

The eighth floor of Fisher library has built up a bit of a reputation for being the go-to place for tonsil tennis and hanky-panky. It’s classy, it’s discrete, and if the smell of books doesn’t get your hormones going then what kind of uni student are you? This floor is dedicated to “quiet study” – QUIET STUDY OF EACH OTHER’S MOUTHS, THAT IS.

For the “alternative” types:

Why holiday in Melbourne when you’ve got an even better version of Hoosier Lane right here on campus? Hold hands through the Graffiti Tunnel and inhale the paint fumes for a multi-sensory date experience. It ain’t called the “Tunnel of Love” for nothin’. (NB: no one actually calls it that so don’t drop it in casual conversation).

If your date’s a smoker:

Smoking pretty much equals instant coolness, so to show your date you’re a rebel without a cause, take her to the dirty patch of concrete behind Bosch. Light up, share a ciggie and finish the date off with a tasteful feel up.

For those on a budget:

Romance doesn’t have to equal splashing out the cash. ACCESS was created for a reason, and the USU is proud to support frugal hook-ups all over Camperdown – I mean, who ISN’T in love with those crazy concessions? Take your sweetheart to one of the USU’s fine establishments for a date they won’t soon forget. If you go late enough, Uni Bros will throw you a definitely-still-okay kebab for $3. And nothing says “I love you” more than a garlic breath pash.

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