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Local Man Undertakes Marathon To Raise Awareness Of Game of Thrones

Cam Smith has watched many a marathon.

“Exhausting, but fulfilling,” is how Mr Ben Brixton from Darlinghurst described the experience of having sat through four days straight of TV, in a marathon that he says he “would never have dreamed undertaking just a few months ago”.

The four day TV marathon was devised by friends as a way for Mr Brixton to raise his awareness of the viral HBO series Game of Thrones, known commonly as GoT, which has been sweeping the world since it’s initial breakout in 2011.

Mr Brixton said he was driven to undertake the grueling marathon after seeing numerous posts from friends and family on social media who were suffering from the this years round of GoT, and he said he couldn’t sit idly by any longer and hear about these deaths second hand.

“I just had to do something,” said Ben, “It had just got to the point where it had become unbearable. At first I didn’t know what I could do, and for a while I thought if I just ignored it the problem would resolve itself, but this year it’s been different, everywhere I look someone is suffering from GoT.”

The affliction is also close to Mr Brixton’s heart, with his parents both suffering from an extended bout of not knowing about Game of Thrones. They too have been campaigning recently, asking for donations from the public to fund the purchase of equipment that will allow them to watch DVDs, which can sometimes cost hundreds of dollars.

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