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My first three weeks at Sydney

Amber Yor tells us about finding friendships across the world in Sydney, Australia.

Glorious Sydney

Before I came, I was luckily offered a place at the International House (IH), where I’ve met plenty of new friends.

I’m so thankful to the staff and people here in IH. Just as the motto – live the world, share the world – there are residents from over 40 countries. Thus I see different people from diverse districts wearing different kind of clothes, and our diet habits vary too.

But we are here to share this with each other, too. Before I met a Columbian, I kept thinking they have summer and winter at the same time, but I have gotten to know that there is no distinct season in Columbia, a country that is across by the equator! And I know there is a lovely country named Samoa, in the South Pacific, and it took me quite few minutes to find out where it is on the map! A girl from Finland doesn’t know what a lychee is, but the fruit is a specialty from my hometown! So I strongly recommended that she give it a try. You see in this way, we are eliminating misunderstandings and enhancing each other’s horizons.

You know I heard many comments about the weather in Sydney before I came: that it’s cold but with drying sun, that it’s easy to get sun-burnt but still comfortable. I was confused and worried by these comments, but after being here physically, I’ve found it is just OK and I’ve begun to love the weather here. This wonderful starting experience has given me the courage to talk to other students in campus. And yet, some of my friends just talk to peers from their home country and otherwise feel lonely. You will not know what something’s like until you try, so don’t just stay in your safe zone and open your heart to a new life.

Why try McDonald’s in a new city when McDonald’s are all the same around the world? We flew here from far away to have something new, didn’t we? I know things are not always good, but they are better than nothing. Don’t waste your chance and time overseas!