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Architecture Revue: A well delivered package

Sam Farrell on the small cast that delivered big laughs.

Despite only boasting a cast, crew and band who together could comfortably fit in a small hatchback, the Architecture Revue delivered big on precisely what it does best – the weird and the wonderful, the wacky and confusing, and an inordinate amount of comic deaths. Seriously, the entire cast died at least once during the show. It started shakily with a smattering of sketches that seemingly lacked punchlines, but the ante was properly upped by a cleverly written sketch parodying the comedic stylings of Monty Python. It was precisely this kind of self-aware humour that broke tension throughout the show, with several sketches ending with pretty amusing narration on how each sketch could have played out differently. Faculty revues often struggle with finding faculty-relevant content that won’t alienate an audience, but the hilarious Rowan Atkinson-esque sermon about Our Lord and Saviour Kevin McLeod was nailed in premise and delivery by Jack Kincaid. Other highlights included a game of communist monopoly which ended with Stalin and Mao stripping down to g-strings and actual for-real nipple tassels, a rendition of the Wiggles’ greatest hits as they stood in line for the firing squad, and a hilarious video entirely without premise or punchline that was quite simply a montage of bathroom hygiene activities. At times, the show did suffer from overly long sketches or reaching the critical threshold of absurdity (or indeed homicides), but as a package, Architecture Revue knows what it does well – and this year they delivered it.