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SRC candidates revealed as election looms

Lane Sainty reports on the upcoming SRC elections.

Photo by @jowoseph.

Candidates contesting the upcoming Students’ Representative Council (SRC) elections have been revealed after nominations closed at 4:30pm on Wednesday afternoon.

Two candidates will contest the SRC presidency. As previously reported in this paper, current SRC Indigenous Officer Kyol Blakeney will be backed by the Grassroots faction along with a number of Independents.

The other candidate in the race is NUS NSW Women’s Officer Amy Knox, who is the Labor candidate and also being backed by Socialist Alternative.

Four Honi tickets have thrown their hats in the race, however, two – named ‘Chris Pyne for Honi’ and ‘PRAVDA’ – each consist of only one person and will not be seriously contesting the election.

Of the remaining two, the ‘Swag for Honi’ team formed somewhat rapidly prior to the close of nominations. It is believed Labor Right member and Board Director Alisha Aitken-Radburn played a large part in its formation.

Running on Swag are Honi reporters Eden Caceda, Milly Ellen, Shannen Potter and Elliot Brennan. Whitney Duan and Paulina Kruminaite are also on the ticket, along with a number of politically conservative students including Catholic Club President Alessandro Cowley, Kerrod Gream and Liam Garman.

Honi reporter Maddy Gray was initially running with Swag, but dropped off the ticket after close of nominations due to personal reasons. Swag will be managed by Patrick Magee.

Running on the name ‘Heist for Honi’ are Dominic Ellis, Peter Walsh, Alex Downie, Lisa Xia, Sophie Gallagher, Rebecca Wong, Patrick Morrow, Tim Asimakis, Alexi Polden and Joanna Connolly. As previously reported, the Heist team has been in the works for a number of weeks. Ellis, Walsh and Polden are all linked to the Grassroots faction, while Xia, Gallagher and Asimakis have previously campaigned for Independent candidates.

Along with the hotly contested races for President and Honi, this year’s election will see eight tickets battle for seven seats at the National Union of Students’ National Conference, while 76 different tickets will contest 33 spots on the SRC.

Campaigning will begin after midnight on Friday September 5, with voting to take place on September 23-25.

We’ll have a more detailed account of these candidates and the events prior to close of nominations in The Manning Files, in print and online from Tuesday next week.

photo: @jowoseph