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The Manning Files – Week 2, Semester 2

All the goss from Week 2, Semester 2.


We were saddened, but not surprised, to hear that the Arts Faculty lost approximately $1500 worth of merchandise and equipment belonging to the Sydney Arts Students’ Society (SASS) over the summer break. During their move from the Brennan McCallum building to the (much less aesthetically pleasing) Transient Building, SASS entrusted the Arts Faculty with their society shirts, several copies of the 2013 SASS literary journal and other items.

However, when SASS returned to collect the items, they were told they weren’t there. Since then, the Faculty has not been able to offer any explanation other than “We literally have no idea what happened to them.” Classic ‘lost item’ tactics such as “Try to remember the last place you saw them” and “Retrace your footsteps” all failed, and the Faculty have offered to pay for the lost items.

On the upside, this blunder spells goodbye to the notoriously grammatically incorrect SASS shirts of yesteryear, which read “Not (just) arts”. As all USyd pedants will know, parentheses should only contain text that serves as a clarification or addition to the main point, and the sentence should still make sense without the parentheses. However, if you remove the parentheses from “not (just) arts”, the slogan of the Arts Students’ Society becomes “not arts”, which is clearly less than ideal. We wish SASS all the best with their redesign and would like to offer the services of our sub editors, should they want them.


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