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The Manning Files – Week 4, Semester 2

All the SRC election goss from Week 4, Semester 2.

What’s in a name? 

In a move that has surprised absolutely no one ever, the Labor presidential campaign (supporting candidate Amy Knox) is running on the name “Stand Up!” once again these SRC elections. We’d prefer it if everyone in this election just sat down. The Manning Files has confirmed that USU Honorary Secretary Eve Radunz will be campaigning for Knox on polling days, whilst USU Board Director Alisha Aitken-Radburn will be on a Stand Up! National Union of Students (NUS) ticket.

The other big SRC campaign is the Broad Coalition (backing presidential candidate Kyol Blakeney) which is headed by USU Board Directors Bebe D’Souza and Ed McMahon, along with support from various prominent Indie hacks including USU President Tara Waniganayaka, Declan Waddell (likely to run for NUS General Secretary later this year) and Board Director Liam Carrigan. A vote confirmed the Grassroots SRC tickets will be running on the imaginative name ‘Grassroots’, while the Indie SRC tickets will be called ‘Switch’.

Everybody’s favourite antagonistic activists, Socialist Alternative, are rumoured to be running on ‘Left Action’.

“Being a Big Name on Campus is not just a title; it’s a way of life”

Attention all first years: if you’re dreaming of becoming a Big Name on Campus (aka BNoC), Indie Jethro Cohen (with the help of Felix Donovan and Rhys Pogonoski) wants you! Although Cohen has denied “using the wanky expression [BNoC],” we’ve heard Cohen and Donovan are likely to be at the top of separate Switch council tickets, which might explain why they’re currently recruiting naïve first years with the tantalising idea of becoming a BNoC.

If you’re eager for shameless recruitment tactics but have a strong bent towards a political party, try one of the factions. Literally. Try any one of them.

Running for Honi 2014 

Last week we reported there were two tickets in the Honi race. Current Honi reporters Peter Walsh and Dom Ellis have finalised their ticket and will run with Alexandra Downie, Rebecca Wong, Lisa Xia, Sophie Gallagher, Joanna Connolly, Tim Asimakis, Patrick Morrow and Alexi Polden. Board Director Liv Ronan, Honi reporter Samantha Jonscher and former Campus Culture Director Penina Su are managing their ticket.

Honi artist and MecoSoc VP Alexandra Mildenhall was originally on the ticket, but after what we can only assume was a tense conversation, she is no longer on board. Mildenhall told The Manning Files that after she declined the position of Designer-in-Chief or 11th Editor, a vote to kick her off took place. She described the affair as “a convoluted process”.

BULL editors Eden Caceda and Katie Davern, along with Hermes editor Whitney Duan, were originally heading the second Honi ticket. However, this ticket is no longer in the race after fellow BULL editor Rob North pulled out. Caceda told The Manning Files he was approached by Ellis and Ronan and urged not to run this year, with Ellis saying he would be “happy to help” Caceda run next year if he pulled out of this year’s race. However, Caceda said North’s ‘shock exit’ was what caused the ticket to collapse, rather than the conversation with Ellis and Ronan.

Although Caceda’s ticket has now disbanded, The Manning Files has confirmed Board Directors Alisha Aitken-Radburn and Kate Bullen, along with SLS member Harry Stratton, were in talks with members of Caceda’s ticket about working with Amy Knox’s Labor presidential campaign. Funnily enough, when we rang Stratton last week to ask if he was involved in organising an Honi ticket, he told us he was too busy for student politics as he had lots of study to do, and said he felt we were calling on “a fishing expedition”. It turns out old habits die hard.

Aitken-Radburn told us “the Stand Up! bloc were exploring their options and consulting Eden to see what was on offer”. She also told us Stand Up!’s major option now is to form a new Honi ticket, but refused to indulge us with names. Honi has heard third-year MECO student Chloe Saintilan is in talks with Aitken-Radburn, and has been sussing out her MECO cohort for potential fellow candidates.

We’re also disappointed to hear another Honi ticket headed by college kids is potentially in the works, because college kids are very marginalised and this student newspaper is very mean to them :’(

Specul8 4 Sen8 

While the SRC shitfight takes place, the other race we’ve got our eyes on is that for the University Senate. Elections for two student Fellows of the Senate take place every two years, giving undergrads and postgrads the chance to choose their representative on the university’s most powerful governing body. The Senate presides over decisions such as the appointment of the University Chancellor, the allocation of the University’s budget, and [REDACTED].

Thus far, Honi can confirm that fourth-year Law student, former Women’s Officer and ex-NLS member Annabel Osborn will be running for the undergrad position, with SULS President James Higgins managing her campaign. Annabel will be marketing herself as a progressive candidate, but will not align herself with any political party.

Meanwhile, there has been a flurry of activity on social media in the past few weeks that suggests that incumbent Undergraduate Fellow Patrick “nobody knows what year he’s in” Massarani will be making a bid for another two years in the position. Massarani, a member of Labor Right faction Student Unity, refused to confirm this to The Manning Files in the interests of transparency, but we’ll bet you pre-selection in the Hunter that our suspicions will be confirmed when nominations close on Wednesday.

Former Liberal Club President Alex Dore is running for the postgraduate Senate position, and will be backed by SULC. It appears a number of moderate Liberals will also back Dore, including Joel Schubert, who indicated his support when asked by The Manning Files.

We’ve also heard Tara Moss is running for election in the postgraduate Senate vote. She needs no introduction.

Honi endorses candidate in student elections

This Honi editorial team will be throwing our weight behind… all round great guy Martin Ditmann, who is running to be an editor of Farrago, the UMelb student paper.

All coverage of the 2014 SRC Elections will be researched and written by Astha Rajvanshi, Lane Sainty and Georgia Behrens. Neither Astha, Lane nor Georgia are involved in any SRC campaign, campus faction or political party.