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Tony Abbott’s Twitter Account Revealed as Performance Art

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The Twittersphere has been alight for the past week after revelations that the Twitter account, @TonyAbbottMHR is in fact a piece of elaborate performance art, joining the ranks of other notable and popular Twitter “hoax” accounts such as @horse_ebooks and @JoeHockey. The revelations came amidst an investigation started by postgraduate Arts student and savvy Twitter user, @blink182rule. “After following this account for weeks I realised something was up,” said @blink182rule. “This account was endlessly spewing about taxes and boats without actually being constructive whatsoever whilst using endless buzzwords like ‘Economic Action Strategy’. I mean, what does that even mean?”

It was at that moment that @blink182rule paid computer science student, Jeremy Gigaballs to help him reveal just who would have so much time to be behind this Twitter account. After a week long process involving masquerading as Twitter account @rupertmurdoch, they discovered that the account was being managed by two employees at Liquorland. When questioned, the two employees simply replied “Have you ever worked here?” before returning to their phones and ignoring customers.