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Woman Finds Out Husband Is Hedgehog, Abandons Feminism

Astha Rajvanshi is Former Immediate Past President (FIPP) of the University of Sydney Union and also a hedgehog.

In a controversial move, 28-year-old part-time dentist Jane Smith declared that she doesn’t need feminism after discovering that her husband is, in fact, a hedgehog.

After a heated argument at the dinner table, Bill Smith inexplicably rolled into a tight ball, causing all of his spines to point outwards, revealing his true form.

In her distress, Smith posted on Twitter: “I don’t need feminism because I like my men as real men!” followed by the hashtag #WomenAgainstFeminism and a picture of her husband in a cage.

She told Honey Soy, “I just LOVE men and I feel like now, because of feminism, there aren’t any real men left anymore,” she said.

“I think that society would be better off if the feminists of Australia finally realised that feminism is actually turning men’s ability to be men!”

Smith’s post has since gone viral in Australia, re-opening the debate on whether the feminist movement is exclusive to women only.

The Hedgehog Representative Council expressed outrage at Smith’s post for causing discrimination against hedgehogs.

“Frankly, I can’t believe that hedgehogs are now being compared to men, I find this highly offensive,” a representative said.

Bill Smith was not available for comment as he is a hedgehog and has gone into hibernation.