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BREAKING: Swag drops out of Honi race

Astha Rajvanshi has the story.

Honi ticket ‘Swag’ has disbanded and will no longer be contesting the upcoming Honi Soit elections after several members pulled out of the ticket due to personal reasons.

Ticket manager and Labor Right (Unity) member Patrick Magee confirmed: “Some of our best writers have been offered scholarships outside of Sydney or have had personal family commitments to attend, which has caused the ticket to dissolve”.

Swag’s members consisted of Honi reporters Eden Caceda, Milly Ellen, Shannen Potter and Elliot Brennan. Whitney Duan and Paulina Kruminaite were also on the ticket, along with Catholic Club President Alessandro Cowley, Libertarian Society President Kerrod Gream and Liam Garman. The ticket was being supported by Unity member and Board Director Alisha Aitken-Radburn.

Caceda told The Manning Files, “We were extremely apprehensive to drop out because we felt that it was important for students to have a choice in this election. We feel like democracy has to be practiced and no one ticket should win by default.”

Three Honi tickets remain in the race, however, two – named ‘Chris Pyne for Honi’ and ‘PRAVDA’ – each consist of only one person and will not be seriously contesting the election. Heist appears to be the only serious ticket, consisting of members Dominic Ellis, Peter Walsh, Alex Downie, Lisa Xia, Sophie Gallagher, Rebecca Wong, Patrick Morrow, Tim Asimakis, Alexi Polden and Joanna Connolly.

This year’s SRC and Honi elections will begin after midnight on Friday September 5, with voting to take place on September 23-25.

Illustration by Julia Zhu Wei.

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