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Finding Queer Community

Getting involved is hard but worth it, write Charlie Jackson-Martin and Amy Davis.

Getting involved in the queer community, on or off campus, can be difficult. There’s the risk of  outing and having to explain your whereabouts to friends and family. There’s the social anxiety of going to an event alone and meeting new people. Perhaps you’re still exploring or questioning your sexuality or gender or presently in a heterosexual relationship. Maybe you don’t own Doc Martens or your hair isn’t blue. And ultimately there’s always the worry that maybe “I’m not queer enough”.

Rest assured, we have all felt this way at some point or another. Persevering through the awkwardness and anxiety and self-doubt is totally worth it. There’s new friendships to made, skills to share and learn and most of all space removed from the heteronormative bullshit of the outside world, an opportunity to be around people who just get it.

Our experience of being involved in the queer community:

Amy: As a bisexual woman who often dates cisgender men I was nervous about getting involved in queer things for a long time because I was worried people would think I’m ‘not queer enough’. Since getting involved in this wonderful community, however, I’ve discovered that a lot of other people worry about a similar thing and actually one of the best things about getting to know other queers is learning that I’m not alone in this and so many other respects. I’m so grateful to be part of this fabulous, queer thing.

Charlie: I grew up in a rural area, for me queerness offered a community that accepted all my weirdness and offered me a treasure trove of radical ideas and beliefs I’d never heard before. When I later came-out as trans the queer community became a place where I could find family when my own family turned me away and feel safe and accepted. 

If you want to get involved but are not sure what to expect or where to go, or you just need a friendly queer to show you the way, you can contact the
Queer Officers on: queer.officers@src.usyd.edu.au

Here’s an outline of what’s queer on campus to get involved in!


QuAC is an SRC collective dedicated to making the university and wider community a better place for queer and questioning people. QuAC holds weekly meetings at 1pm on Tuesday in the Queerspace and is a great place to meet people, make new friends and learn new skills.

QuAC has a secret Facebook group to avoid outing! Email the Queer Officers on queer.officers@src.usyd.edu.au to be added to the group.


Queerkats aims to create a safe and welcoming space for people who are queer or questioning and who experience oppression on the basis of sex and/or gender (e.g. trans women, trans men, cis women, intersex, transfeminine, transmasculine, two spirit, hijras, third gender, non-binary, genderqueer, genderfluid, agender, bigender, etc).

Queerkats meet on Thursdays at 1pm and host an event every second Tuesday at 5pm.


The USU Queer Coordinators are hosting the Glitter Gala on Friday, October 24 at 7pm in The Refectory. It will be a formal night including a 2-course meal, bar tab and DJ. Price: $40 for Access card holders, $50 for general admission.

For more information about event or more information about what else the USU Queer Coordinators are up to please contact them on queerconvenors@usu.usyd.edu.au.


The SUPRA Queer Portfolio runs a number of social events for students such as our monthly wine and cheese nights and a monthly Equity film night. If you’re a queer postgraduate student and would like to be kept up-to-date with upcoming events and campaigns contact the SUPRA queer officer on queer@supra.usyd.edu.au. Postgraduate students are also welcome at QuAC and QueerKats.


SHADES is a society at the University of Sydney that organises social events for LGBTIQ students and their friends. We hold a range of social events throughout semester, including (but not limited to!) parties, movie nights, drinks, BBQs, trivia and Speaker Nights.

The next SHADES event is their Mid Semester Party on Saturday 27 September at The Vault Hotel on Pitt St. To get updates on all future events like the ‘Sydney University Shades’ page on Facebook.


Queer Revue is an all-singing, all-dancing comedic production put on at the Seymour Centre every year by queer and queer-friendly students. There are plenty of ways to get involved, whether you want to strut the stage (acting, singing, dancing) or help out behind the scenes (writing, design, working backstage).

Join the Facebook group (‘Sydney University Queer Revue Society (SUQRS)’) to get updates on how to get involved in next year’s revue!

Image: Jennifer Yiu.