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Science Revue: Inexplicably hilarious

Leigh Nicholson loved the absurdist humour.

Trapeze Get Degrees was everything I have come to love about science revues; overwhelmingly large, clever and just simply absurd. The opening number, a cast of over 50 dancing and singing to Britney Spears’ ‘Circus’, was such a high-energy piece to start on, but a level that didn’t diminish through-out the night. The incredible choreography and voice-directing required to tame a cast that large has always marvelled me about Science Revue, and the dances to scenes like Kimbra’s ‘Settle Down’ and a Gatsby-esque medley were no exception.

The main plotline – that some students and the Science Faculty put on a circus to raise money to stop the Dean from knocking down the Physics Building – worked hilariously well. The portrayals of the different science Professors were stereotypical but just so well executed; the disgruntled environmental scientist being perpetually ignored was topically hilarious. The Christopher Pyne-obsessed Dean did a great job of being as unhinged and slimy as possible.

Science Revue was probably the least offensive revue I’ve ever seen and it was a massive relief to just sit down and enjoy most skits resting on comedic merit instead of problematic punch lines. There were actually too many top skits to name but some of the best was one about a driver trying to play it cool in front of the cops and a science acapella version of Lorde’s ‘Royals’ about loving research. I completely lost my shit in a documentary video about Pugs and I actually can’t even explain why. Persisting with the theme of absurdist humour, there were some skits that were just a bit too weird to even have a punchline and had anyone else attempted the scene, probably would have fallen flat, but it’s a massive credit to the actors who could make anything funny. For example, the skit about ranking eels. Literally had no idea what was going on, but I still cried.

The Science Revue cast gave off a really friendly and cohesive vibe, which definitely made their scenes stronger. A mock fight scene which lasted about 5 minutes was so hilariously well-organized and over the top; my heart skipped a beat when a fake dummy fell from the rafters above. I don’t know how they came up with half the content, but the Revue never stopped short of entertaining in almost every skit.