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Kyol Blakeney wins SRC President

Georgia Behrens reports.

Kyol Blakeney has won the 2015 presidency of the Sydney University Students’ Representative Council. Blakeney, a member of Grassroots, beat Labor candidate Amy Knox.

Blakeney currently serves as the SRC’s Indigenous Officer. He will be the first non-Labor president in 14 years at Sydney University.

Blakeney won every single voting booth, coming away with 61 per cent of the vote. 3851 votes were counted in this year’s election.

Blakeney was supported in the election by a coalition of Grassroots and Independent campaigners, while Knox, a member of National Labor Students (Labor Left) was supported by her own faction, as well as Student Unity (Labor Right), Sydney Labor Students (also Labor Left) and Socialist Alternative.

Blakeney campaigned on a left-wing activist platform, with an emphasis on advocacy on behalf of marginalized groups. He has committed himself to campaigning against fee deregulation, and fighting for free tertiary education.

Meanwhile, Heist won the Honi election with 2402 votes.

Heist was the only ticket being treated as “serious” in the elections, after rival ticket Swag pulled out early in the race.

However, “joke” tickets Chris Pyne for Honi and PRAVDA for Honi both received a substantial number of votes – 331 and 247 respectively.

Council seats, NUS spots and the fossil fuel divestment referendum will be counted over the coming days.