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Live Blog: 6th regular meeting of the 86th SRC

Welcome to our live blog of the 5th regular meeting of the SRC. You can follow all the thrilling developments here. If you’re on our mobile app, open up the site up on your browser to follow the live blog. Honi Soit September 3, 20146:22 pm Welcome to the 6th regular meeting of the 86th USyd…

SRC meeting

Welcome to our live blog of the 5th regular meeting of the SRC. You can follow all the thrilling developments here.

If you’re on our mobile app, open up the site up on your browser to follow the live blog.

Honi Soit September 3, 20146:22 pm

Welcome to the 6th regular meeting of the 86th USyd SRC. Currently, a smattering of SRC reps have meandered into the room, and your devoted correspondent is lamenting their tuna salad, forgotten far across campus in the SRC fridge.

Honi Soit September 3, 20146:26 pm

Councillors are singing Leave (Get Out) by JoJo.

Honi Soit September 3, 20146:27 pm

Perhaps it’s ironic, as the meeting is nowhere near quorum and it’s almost half an hour past the intended start date.

Honi Soit September 3, 20146:32 pm

An artists’ impression of the author’s tuna salad.

Honi Soit September 3, 20146:38 pm

The meeting has opened. President Jennifer Light has put in her apologies for tonight’s meeting, and Vice President Laura Webster is chairing the meeting. Moving through admin at the moment, about to hear from Undergrad Fellow of Senate Pat Massarani.

Honi Soit September 3, 20146:42 pm

Pat Massarani (PM) on the Town Hall meeting/fee deregulation:

– PM thanks SRC for supporting the Town Hall meeting.
– Says Michael Spence was put into discomfort by the opinions given at the meeting.
– Says we are lucky to already be at university and says changes won’t be placed on current students, but the pressure on students currently in Year 11 and 12 is mind-boggling.

Honi Soit September 3, 20146:45 pm

PM speaks briefly on fossil fuel campaign and pressure placed on USyd to not invest in fossil fuels.

PM then talks about library changes, saying there will be an uplift in full-time staff members, but is unconvinced by case for 150 redundacies.

Honi Soit September 3, 20146:47 pm

PM now giving an update on why the trees on Eastern Ave have been cut down! He says that variety of tree were unsafe due to a high risk of errant branches. After some of them were cut down, a fungal infection was discovered in the roots of the trees, and they all had to be cut down. The flower boxes there are temporary and will be replaced by trees. Trees are necessary as the pavement is too reflective and it is unsafe for cars to drive past, says Pat.

Honi Soit September 3, 20146:48 pm

Ed Officer Ridah Hassan has asked Pat Massarani to investigate the slowly disappearing bollards on Eastern Avenue. Two out of four have gone missing. “Salami tactics!”, says Pat.

Honi Soit September 3, 20146:51 pm

Enviroment Officer Clo Schofield now questioning Pat Massarani about aspects of the USyd fossil feusl review. PM says he is unhappy that USyd is investing in Whitehaven Coal, referring to relatives of his who reside in Narrabri and are against the development. He assures Clo he’s got his head around Maules Creek.

Honi Soit September 3, 20146:54 pm

Ridah Hassan asks if any more ‘big meetings’ will occur as part of upcoming fee deregulation consultation or whether it will all be online.

Honi Soit September 3, 20146:55 pm

PM says we will not see Town Hall scale again unless we push for it. Two more petitions are being presented to Senate on Monday, one is the original Convocation petition and the other is about Spence’s reaction to the Town Hall meeting which will direct Spence to cease his public support of fee deregulation.

Honi Soit September 3, 20147:00 pm

The meeting has passed a procedural to move directly to point S on the agenda, which is a motion in support of the Macquarie University Postgraduate Representative Association. Background here:

It is moved by Ridah Hassan and seconded by Eleanor Morley.

Honi Soit September 3, 20147:03 pm

The meeting passes with an amendment from Amy Knox, who added that the USyd SRC send a contingent to a Macquarie rally.

Honi Soit September 3, 20147:04 pm

Now to a motion that asks the SRC to “fight the threat to the Student Services and Amenities Fee”. Moved by Amy Knox and seconded by Ridah Hassan.

Honi Soit September 3, 20147:05 pm

Knox draws attention to the part of the motion which points out that SSAF is not a perfect system as student services must compete for funds.

Honi Soit September 3, 20147:08 pm

The motion passes. Now a procedural motion has been passed to move to general business, which usually means the meeting will consider motions that were submitted past the deadline and were therefore not placed on the distributed agenda. Ridah Hassan is seeking a seconder for a motion she wrote regarding the Go8 and equity of education. Kyol Blakeney volunteers.

Honi Soit September 3, 20147:10 pm

Ridah Hassan is currently speaking to the motion. Describes Go8 as more pro-deregulation “than anyone in society”. Hassan condemns Spence specifically for not listening to the students of Sydney University.

Honi Soit September 3, 20147:14 pm

The motion passes. Now to a motion moved by Chris Anderson regarding Millers Point (a public housing building which is being sold by the NSW Government, meaning its residents must move).

The motion asks that the SRC condemn the government eviction, extend support to the Save Millers Point committee and write a letter of the support to the campaign.

Honi Soit September 3, 20147:17 pm

Anderson is asked whether the motion requires giving money to the Save Millers Point campaign. After a short discussion, it is clarified that this is a motion of solidarity. The motion passes.

Honi Soit September 3, 20147:23 pm

Now a motion from Clo Schofield regarding the SRC banking with NAB, which invests in Transfield Services (the company that runs offshore detention centres) and the CEO of which is linked to Israel. Schofield suggests this is an unethical banking choice for the SRC. However, Schofield has spoken to an SRC staff member about the requirements of the SRC banking, which requires flexibility with regards to signatories, the SRC bookshop and emergency loans.

Schofield asks that the executive work with the Environment Collective to prepare a discussion paper on possible banking alternatives to NAB with a view to eventually moving the SRC’s banking to a different institution.

Honi Soit September 3, 20147:26 pm

The motion passes. Councillors seem restless and eager to get home. A-FRAMES TO PAINT, PERHAPS.

Honi Soit September 3, 20147:27 pm

Socialist Alternative somewhat abruptly leave the room.

Honi Soit September 3, 20147:29 pm

Now hearing reports from Vice President, Gen Secretary (we have moved back to the start of the meeting agenda-wise as a procedural motion earlier moved the meeting straight to motions).

Honi Soit September 3, 20147:31 pm

Gen Sec Mariana Podesta-Diverio says they have been attending collectives and consulting with officers regarding collective funding and processes.

Honi Soit September 3, 20147:33 pm

Now hearing Indigenous Report from Kyol Blakeney, who says a new tent embassy has formed in Campbelltown. He has invited councillors to join him on a trip to the Campbelltown tent embassy later in the semester.

Honi Soit September 3, 20147:35 pm

A person called Jesse asks what tent embassies do, Blakeney says the people at tent embassies sit there, claim the land, and don’t let anybody else on the land.

Honi Soit September 3, 20147:35 pm

Liam Carrigan enters the room. Now to Queer Report from David Shakes, it’s short and sweet.

Honi Soit September 3, 20147:36 pm

The meeting is racing by, to much excitement from everybody. Chair Laura Webster is excitedly pushing the meeting along. Your correspondent feels much more alive than they have ever felt at this point of an SRC meeting before.

Honi Soit September 3, 20147:39 pm

Now hearing the Enviro Report from Clo Schofield.

Honi Soit September 3, 20147:41 pm

Schofield says that Divestment Day will feature bicycles that mix a smoothie as you ride them. Schofield also encourages BNoC’s to come along and have an anti-divestment photo taken for Facebook exposure.

Honi Soit September 3, 20147:46 pm

Meeting closed at 7:46pm to whoops and cheers.