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Live Blog: SRC Election 2014 Day 2

Welcome to our live blog of day 2 of the SRC Election. If you’re on our mobile app, open up the site up on your browser to follow the live blog. You can find polling booth opening times here. When you go to vote, you will also be given a ballot paper for a referendum regarding…


Welcome to our live blog of day 2 of the SRC Election.

If you’re on our mobile app, open up the site up on your browser to follow the live blog.

You can find polling booth opening times here.

When you go to vote, you will also be given a ballot paper for a referendum regarding fossil fuel divestment. Find out more and read the for and against arguments here.

Honi Soit September 25, 20148:13 am

Welcome to the Honi Live Blog, Day 2 of the 2014 SRC elections. Currently, the weather is overcast, and the two big campaigns are each having pep talks on opposite sides of the Jane Foss Russell Building courtyard. We hope you join us for rolling coverage today and tonight!

Honi Soit September 25, 20148:35 am

Polling has opened! Campaigners currently walking up and down JFR. Just overheard a voter say “I’ve got half an hour to kill” – dangerous words to utter near campaigners.

Honi Soit September 25, 20148:40 am

Honi Soit September 25, 20148:40 am

We appear to have some difficult inserting images the right way up into this blog.

Honi Soit September 25, 20148:50 am

“I think it’s bad the way first years from both sides have been treated in this election. It’s alienating all my friends. It’s disappointing to see people who had a lot of optimism at the start of the campaign lose interest in it.”

Michael Elliott, Stand Up!

Honi Soit September 25, 20148:53 am

Fisher is dead. A lone Grassroots campaigner at the line.

Honi Soit September 25, 20149:07 am

Several voters are being walked to the JFR line, but the “walk-through” rate (when voters just cross the line, ignore the booth and keep right on going) is sitting on about 50 per cent.

Honi Soit September 25, 20149:08 am

Far fewer campaigners are wearing hats today, but a rather delightful straw hat on one of the Grassroots campaigners could well be a Hat of the Day contender.

Honi Soit September 25, 20149:14 am

It’s getting physical at the JFR line, with the “walk slowly in front” technique being employed, particularly towards one Mr Stratton.

Honi Soit September 25, 20149:21 am

RO Paulene has ruled a new exclusion zone at the top of the stairs at JFR. Campaigners are not allow to stand directly at the top of the stairs to contest votes anymore – they must be outside of a chalked semi-circle.

Honi Soit September 25, 20149:30 am

A polling booth officer gives a terse warning to campaigners at JFR to let students walk through and not to block them.

Honi Soit September 25, 20149:31 am

“It’s been a tough morning, but there’s a lot of passion in the air.”

David Shakes, Switch

Honi Soit September 25, 20149:33 am

As you can see, the polling booth officer’s directive has not been followed.

Honi Soit September 25, 20149:34 am

“Feeling ill but still pumped!”

Sophie Gallagher, Heist

Honi Soit September 25, 20149:45 am

“I’m hoping Chris Pyne for Honi wins. Honi has had a good run, but let’s give it a rest.”

Adam Chalmers, former BNoC

Honi Soit September 25, 20149:48 am

Just witnessed one voter to six campaigners – the most so far this morning. This will definitely be doubled by this afternoon.

Honi Soit September 25, 20149:58 am

Overheard: An exchange about Stand Up! saying they achieved free WiFi.
Stand Up!: “Paulene cleared it! We’re allowed to say it.”
Grassroots: “Nope.”

Honi Soit September 25, 201410:02 am

“It’s at the begging stage.”

Rose McEwen, observer

Honi Soit September 25, 201410:12 am

Here’s The Manning Files from this week – in case you missed it, read up now for all the pre-polling goss.

The Manning Files – Week 9, Semester 2

Honi Soit September 25, 201410:18 am

80 votes have been cast at Fisher this morning. “Very slow”, says the polling booth attendant.

Honi Soit September 25, 201410:42 am

SUPRA President Tim Scriven and some other people who have been following elections for a while are running an exit poll to find out what the average voter looks like. They are polling whether people decide on the day or not, how many international students vote, how likely people who have campaigning friends are to vote and so on.

Some preliminary results include the surprise finding that most voters ARE informed – a surprise discovery which refutes most hack wisdom. The findings regarding who is ahead in the presidential race are not yet statistically significant, according to Tim.

Honi Soit September 25, 201410:43 am

To clarify, the straw hat is being worn by Bridget Harilaou. Apologies for the confusion!

Honi Soit September 25, 201410:44 am

Between 150 and 200 votes have been cast at JFR this morning.

Honi Soit September 25, 201411:10 am

Chris Pyne for Honi has ramped up their campaigning efforts with a mass text. Whether or not this electronic strategy will be enough to defeat the several orange shirts of Heist at every booth remains to be seen. Meanwhile, Pravda for Honi has not been seen this morning.

Honi Soit September 25, 201411:14 am

Sean O’Grady of Grassroots and Oliver Plunkett of Stand Up! currently having a prolonged heated debate in front of a voter. He went and joined the voting line!

Honi Soit September 25, 201411:15 am

Also: A reminder that the referendum on fossil fuel divestment is happening today. Have a read of the For and Against arguments Honi was required to publish before you cast your vote!

Fossil Fuel Divestment Referendum: arguments for and against

Honi Soit September 25, 201411:36 am

More updates from Cumbo: Polling is quiet, the Cumbo Represent ticket is doing well.

Honi Soit September 25, 201411:56 am

35 votes have been cast at Manning since the booth opened at 10am. There’s approximately 10 campaigners walking people down from Eastern Avenue and lurking at the line.

Honi Soit September 25, 201411:57 am

Overheard from a Regular Student: “This sticker is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Honi Soit September 25, 201412:01 pm

Campaigner numbers outside Fisher have grown. Reps from all campaigns here. A few students are voting, a few more in line at the polling booth.

Honi Soit September 25, 201412:02 pm

Thunder! Word on the street is it’s about to rain. Keep dry, everyone.

Honi Soit September 25, 201412:11 pm

Thunder, wind and rain have swept onto campus. A Stand-Up A-frame hurtles a few feet down Eastern Avenue. The apocalypse is nigh.

Honi Soit September 25, 201412:21 pm

Honi Soit September 25, 201412:22 pm

With the weather being extremely uncooperative and the student flow on Cadigal slowing to a trickle, many campaigners are now hunting for votes in Wentworth.

Honi Soit September 25, 201412:28 pm

Both ISL and the food court in Wentworth are teeming with coloured shirts.

Seemingly in an act of bourgeois solidarity, Laneway appears undisturbed.

Honi Soit September 25, 20141:05 pm

Update from Cumbo: 66 votes cast so far today.

Honi Soit September 25, 20141:07 pm

At Engineering student flow is good but booth attendants have warned of a high postgrad incidence rate.

Honi Soit September 25, 20141:19 pm

As Engineering students head to lectures, five unfortunate dudebros at a table near the booth are weathering the campaigning storm.

Honi Soit September 25, 20141:24 pm

“I’m voting at engineering for my Hackbet portfolio” – Mary Ward, engaged voter.

Honi Soit September 25, 20141:35 pm

In your humble correspondent’s opinion there are way too many BNOC campaigners at Engineering, considering how few students there are here.

Honi Soit September 25, 20142:04 pm

Rumours abound of some Heist people verbally spruiking Kyol in their walk-and-talks.

CORRECTION: Honi Soit candidates ARE allowed to spruik presidential candidates when giving walk-and-talks, but not if they are being recorded (by anyone).

Honi Soit September 25, 20142:18 pm

Rumours abound of some Heist people verbally spruiking Kyol in their walk-and-talks.

CORRECTION: Honi Soit candidates ARE allowed to verbally spruik presidential candidates, but only when they are not being recorded (by anyone) while doing so.

Honi Soit September 25, 20142:52 pm

310 votes have been cast at Fisher today, 157 at Manning.

Honi Soit September 25, 20142:54 pm

“I think it’s pretty tight, but I’m off to Fisher to do an assignment” – Pedram Mohseni, PRAVDA for Honi

Honi Soit September 25, 20142:55 pm

How’s Amy Knox’s day going? “Not too bad, not too bad.”

Honi Soit September 25, 20142:57 pm

Overheard at Fisher from a Stand Up campaigner: “I’m not in it to circlejerk, I’m in it to change lives.”

Honi Soit September 25, 20143:40 pm

You heard how Amy Knox’s day is going, now the inevitable sequel: how is Kyol Blakeney’s day going?

“Pretty intense, but coping well.”

Honi Soit September 25, 20144:27 pm

As the afternoon creeps on more and more campaigners are gathering at JFR for the traditional end-of-campaigning gauntlet of doom.

Honi Admin September 25, 20145:06 pm

The Fisher booth has closed! Campaigners everywhere are commencing their pilgrimage to JFR. Let the 10+ person voter-surrounding hustles begin.

Honi Soit September 25, 20145:13 pm

Lucy Watson gets a special Hat of the Day mention for her leopard print cap! The verdict will be released at close of polls.

Honi Soit September 25, 20145:21 pm

Check our Twitter feed for photos of the JFR action!

Honi Soit September 25, 20145:24 pm

A number of election elders (read: people who really should have graduated about 3 years ago) have sprinted over to the tally room in a state of complete moral outrage to check up on (currently unverified) reports that ballots have begun to be sorted without scrutineers present.

Honi Soit September 25, 20145:28 pm

Former SRC General Secretary and StandUp! campaigner Dylan Parker is creatively deploying an umbrella to penetrate through thick crowds of campaigners at the front of a squadron of about ten red shirts shielding a sole potential voter.

Honi Soit September 25, 20145:28 pm

Full circles of campaigners around voters are heading down JFR stairs at an alarming rate. Stand Up! appear to be pulling more last minute votes.

Honi Soit September 25, 20145:32 pm

People have also started pretending to be voters, when in actual fact they have already voted/are a non-eligible friend of a campaigner #classic

Honi Soit September 25, 20145:39 pm

Switch/Grassroots now forming guards of honour and chanting “Grassroots” for any voters they manage to convince to walk over the line.

Honi Soit September 25, 20145:47 pm

Voter: I’ve already voted!

Honi Soit September 25, 20145:47 pm

Spotted: Regular Student with an “I voted” sticker plastered in the middle of her forehead. Clever.

Honi Soit September 25, 20146:01 pm

And polls are closed!