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Science Revue: My first time

Science Revue was an adequate cherry-popper, writes Sam Herzog.

This year’s science revue was my first time. And, after any coming-of-age event, the inevitable question that plagues my synapses is whether or not Trapeze Get Degrees was indeed the right candidate to pop my previously unpenetrated revue cherry. Upon reflection: Did Trapeze’s delivery come at just the right moment? Had I been adequately seduced? Was the pace right? These are the questions I hope to answer.

Trapeze started out with an atmosphere of flare; the opening pieces were exhilarating and engaging, capturing my attention immediately. I wish I could say the same about the climax – unfortunately the final acts failed to screw my attention to the sticking place, but, admittedly, this may have been due to my preoccupation with battling sleep deprivation, and an incessant need to piss. That being said, it’s much easier to be a hypercritical, shit-smeared arsehole when critiquing someone else then to facilitate helpful insight, so I will do all I can to maintain an attitude of being the latter.

From the outset, it surprised me how much I loved the cast – their commitment and musical capacity was immediately clear, and by the end I felt warmly satisfied by their prowess in this domain. Whilst the potential of some scenes were not always capitalised on, and once or twice the quality of the writing was crippled when it fell into the trap of unoriginal cream-pie throwing or banal violence, luckily, the enjoyment was consistently salvaged by this rich talent of musical splendour. The ABC Kid’s-themed a cappella was the perfect lyrical amalgam of childhood memories, and the Dean’s strong and resonating vocal ability during his solo was highly effective.

Unfortunately, some of the absurdist comedy sketches were lacking in subtlety and suffered under some performers’ lack of ability in playing the straight-man. Occasionally, voices were unnecessarily exaggerated, and at times the performers did not wait for the audience to stop laughing to deliver their next line, which lead to new pieces of dialogue not being heard by old and deaf motherfuckers like myself. However, running counter to this, there were also many moments that were skilfully delivered and genuinely hilarious, such as the Dean’s cockney assistant, the water salinity inspector’s return to duty, and the zookeeper who loves his animals just a little too much. Other highlights included pugs, a blunt and creatively devised nude sketch, pugs, the unavoidable parodies of familiar tunes, onesies (actually, onesies is probably a lowlight – I’m desperately hoping they were some sort of inside joke about the USU), pugs, and a skit about a paranoid driver which had one of my favourite punch lines of all time.

So, in response to the enquiry which served as the introduction to this piece: Was Trapeze Get Degrees deserving of my innocent blossom? Uh, yes. I guess. Just don’t tell the other revues or they’ll think I’m easy.