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There are no rules

Queer Honi poetry – ‘There are no rules’.

The first rule of sex

is there are no rules.

(This is not the only way

in which sex

differs from Fight Club.)

Sex between two people

with vaginas

(not two women, mind you)

is not elementary.

There is no peg

that fits perfectly

into a hole.

Just two (consenting) people

who can fit perfectly

into each other

if they try.

My first time was,

to be honest,

like all first times

(awkward and underwhelming)


thanks to heteronormativity,

it was minus

the endless tutorials

representation on repeat



explaining how

with the peg, and the hole,

to make any,

arbitrary, person

feel good.

As if a guide

could ever supply

that kind of information.

Useless for straight people

but even more so for me

(because of the fixation on the pole, you know how it is)

but the sex was


So I pressed my lips against their neck

ran my fingers through their soft hair

felt the curve of their hip pressing on mine

pulled them close

and kept experimenting.

Image: V.H. Hammer CC BY 2.0.