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I Luv U But: A Review

By Steph Abi-Hanna.

What’s a gay Arab to do when faced with parental pressure about getting married? Get married to another gay Arab of course! I luv u but follows the stories of Sam (a gay man) and Mouna (a lesbian) who get married to please their overbearing Lebanese mothers. Each episode is funnier than the last and the show does not hold back at all (see the ‘Etiquette To Orgies’ episode for an example). If I haven’t sold you yet, one of the best scenes involves relationship drama where the claws are out and hummus is thrown.

On a more serious note, the series explores a lot of issues regarding ethnicity and sexuality that are shared by many in the Lebanese community, such as the pressure of coming out, familial ties and multicultural Australia. The tension between being out and shaming the family or staying in the closet and denying yourself are illustrated through Mouna and her girlfriend Sach in the more serious episodes. What makes the series great is its ability to be funny whilst still raising these issues. As each episode is 5-10 minutes long, it’s perfect to watch during the semester and each episode leaves you wanting more. Currently there are two seasons available online and no word of a third, but here’s hoping!