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Live Blog: Reps Elect/Rep Select/Repsey/Reppo

Welcome to our live blog of the Reps Elect for the 87th SRC. That’s next year’s SRC. This meeting is gonna be a corker, just you wait. So buckle up, and get ready to rumble with our live blog. How many student newspapers do live blogs? Answer in the comments below. Honi Soit October 29,…

SRC meeting

Welcome to our live blog of the Reps Elect for the 87th SRC. That’s next year’s SRC. This meeting is gonna be a corker, just you wait. So buckle up, and get ready to rumble with our live blog.

How many student newspapers do live blogs? Answer in the comments below.

Honi Soit October 29, 20146:21 pm

Your devoted correspondent has reached Quad Philosophy Room S249. Several hacks populate the room; Switchroots on one side, Labor on the other. Returning officer Paulene Graham has broken up the factional love-in, directing elected members to the left of the room and everyone else to the right.

For any confused readers, the reps elect meeting is where office bearer positions on the SRC are elected by the incoming Council (other than President, which is elected by the student body at the September elections). The big ones are General Secretary and Education both of which will go to Switchroots members as they have a council majority. Several positions are also elected by autonomous collectives.

Honi Soit October 29, 20146:23 pm

The meeting has opened and RO Paulene has taken charge. Elected representatives are currently signing in.

Honi Soit October 29, 20146:24 pm

BREAKING: SRC admin has printed out last year’s councillors list by mistake. “This isn’t a huge problem,” Paulene reassures a screaming and crying room.

Honi Soit October 29, 20146:37 pm

A member is missing! Only 32 councillors/proxies have signed in. Stay tuned for the answer to this scintillating mystery.

Honi Soit October 29, 20146:41 pm

The first position we will be electing is Vice President. Nominations are handed in to Paulene. Oliver Plunkett gives Paulene the wrong nomination, room groans.

Honi Soit October 29, 20146:43 pm

Two nominations for VP: one individual nomination to Oliver Plunkett and the second a shared one between Madison McIvor and Daniel Ergas. Who will win? (Spoiler: McIvor and Ergas, Switchroots have the numbers.)

Paulene is implored to allow speeches from the floor. She asks the room to move a motion that speeches be limited to two minutes. It’s moved by Harry Stratton and seconded by Alisha Aitken-Radburn. The motion is passed.

Honi Soit October 29, 20146:44 pm

Eleanor Morley is arguing with Paulene. It’s going to be a long night.

Honi Soit October 29, 20146:46 pm

Paulene asks Eleanor Morley to sit on the correct side of the room. She says she is like a metre away and Paulene says “Come on!”

Eleanor puts forward a counter motion asking that two minutes for speaking per person running is allowed, rather than per each candidate. (This means that two people running for a split position would each get two minutes to speak.) The motion is defeated. McIvor and Ergas to speak now!

Honi Soit October 29, 20146:50 pm

McIvor says she has a good working relationship with Kyol, excited to be a councillor, wants to work on the SRC website. Ergas says we need to rebuild the SRC. They get a rousing applause from Switchroots.

Oliver Plunkett now speaking. Said he’s had a great year on the SRC. It’s quickly ascertained that he is being sarcastic. Ed McMahon heckles; Paulene shuts him down. Plunkett’s speech contains very little about his ambitions for VP and appears to be more something of a takedown of Switchroots. For the ongoing fans, it’s very reminiscent of his speech a few council meetings ago when he was accused of embezzling money in the HECS campaign. Plunkett “suggests” the room vote for a candidate who will actually do something. Then he withdraws his nomination.

McIvor and Ergas are elected (told ya so)

Honi Soit October 29, 20146:54 pm

Now to the General Secretary position. Chiara Angeloni and Max Hall are running for Switchroots and Chris Donovan for Labor. The former will win!

Honi Soit October 29, 20147:00 pm

Max Hall and Chiara Angeloni elected General Secretaries of the SRC. Vote was 14 to 18, and somebody just wrote the numbers 1 and 2 without putting any names. SYDNEY UNIVERSITY, YOUR STUDENT LEADERS.

Honi Soit October 29, 20147:03 pm

Now the election for five members of the SRC executive committee. Paulene has five nominations. The following people are elected: Laura Webster, Alison Xiao, Christopher Donovan, Georgia Kriz, Subeta Vimalarajah.

Honi Soit October 29, 20147:07 pm

Now nominees for Education Officer. Eleanor Morley is running again! With Chloe Rafferty. And Blythe Worthy and David Shakes for Grassroots.

Rafferty says most of the room has had nothing to do with the education campaign this year. “It is the work of Socialist Alternative,” she says. She says the movement this year has been huge – protests, chasing politicians off campus.

Morley says it is evident that herself and Ridah Hassan have set the bar for how SRC office bearers should use their positions.

Paulene: “Time!”

Eleanor: “As if!”

Eleanor keeps speaking and ignores Paulene telling her to sit down. She says Shakes and Worthy have not been to the EAG all year. Eventually she sits down.

Honi Soit October 29, 20147:11 pm

Shakes and Worthy now speaking.

Shakes runs over the challenges facing university students under the current government. Worthy says many people have felt alienated by the space that the EAG has been this year, and runs through actions non EAG activists have put on. Morley interjects every now and then, Worthy finishes her speech, Shakes and Worthy receive rousing applause from the Switchroots people in the room.

Paulene asks for votes to be brought forward.

Honi Soit October 29, 20147:12 pm

Morley and Rafferty are elected! Just kidding, Shakes and Worthy are (remember, Switchroots have the room).

Now to the vote for Wom*n’s Officers, says Paulene. Georgia Carr clarifies that it should be one position that is able to be split, not two. Paulene consults the regulations.

Honi Soit October 29, 20147:15 pm

Paulene: It says Women’s Officers.

Carr: That’s a typo, we’ve been trying to fix it.

Paulene: For how many years?


Honi Soit October 29, 20147:19 pm

It is unclear, says Paulene, but her ruling is that there is one Wom*n’s Officer position that can be split. Paulene has a nomination for Subeta Vimalarajah and Xiaoran Shi.

They are elected (this one is unopposed because the two were elected by the autonomous Wom*n’s Collective).

Vimalarajah speaks and lauds the current Wom*n’s Officers (praise that is well deserved, in the humble opinion of your devoted correspondent). She speaks of plans to collaborate with other collectives and focus on WoCo as an activist space.

Honi Soit October 29, 20147:22 pm

Disabilities and Carers Officers next. Max Hall comes forward with what Paulene thinks is a nomination but is revealed to be a box of donuts.

Samuel Brewer, Christopher Armstrong and Yaz Camdzic are nominated and all elected.

Honi Soit October 29, 20147:31 pm

Now some hubbub over the Environment Collective nominations. One full nomination and two shared nominations were put in.

Calista Williams is a sole nominee, Clodagh (Clo) Schofield and Jay Gilleat are a joint nomination, Christopher Warren and Atia Rahim are another joint.

Paulene declares Calista Williams elected due to AA.

But then! Harry Stratton runs to the front, and asks if he can swap out Christopher Warren for a female candidate which would mean Calista is not elected automatically and an election is held. Paulene rules that this CAN happen.

Your correspondent understands that Williams, Schofield and Gilleat are the Enviro Collective endorsed candidates and Warren and Rahim are nominating against what is normally done (selection by the Enviro Collective).

Honi Soit October 29, 20147:32 pm

Eleanor Morley: Can I move a procedural that we move on to the election of the Ethnic Affairs Officers?

Paulene: No.

Honi Soit October 29, 20147:39 pm

Kyol Blakeney speaks on behalf of Schofield and Gilleat, Carr is speaking on behalf of Williams.

Carr says it is shameful that people have nominated for Enviro against a collective endorsed nominee and also shameful that they have used AA to try and get their candidate elected.

The Labor candidate Alice Strauss (who is now running joint with Atia Rahim) speaks enthusiastically, saying she is a progressive woman who wants to be involved as Environment Officer. The room descends into shouting between Strauss, Grassroots and Labor, Paulene eventually restores order.

The tensions in the room are running high; an enormous amount of animosity between Switchroots and Labor.

Honi Soit October 29, 20147:43 pm

Contro update! Strauss/Rahim are elected with 14 votes (all Labor). Williams and Schofield/Gilleat have 9 votes each and a coin will be tossed to decide which of the two have the position.

Honi Soit October 29, 20147:45 pm

So to be clear, Labor put up a couple of councillors for a position that is usually elected by the Enviro Collective and won. Switchroots are incensed at this development.

Environment Officers are elected: Alice Strauss, Atia Rahim and Callista Williams.

EDIT: This post previously mispelled Callista’s name – sorry Callista!

Honi Soit October 29, 20147:50 pm

Paulene now calling for Ethnic Affairs nominations.

One individual nomination from Gabrielle Pei Tiatia (Pei Tiatia is from the Anti-Racism Collective, a non autonomous group)

Two joint nominees – Eden Caceda/Deeba Binaei and Lamisse Hamouda/Kavya Kalutantiri. (These people have been preselected by the Autonomous Collective Against Racism.)

Honi Soit October 29, 20147:58 pm

Gabrielle Pei Tiatia speaks. She says anti-racism activism can be conducted regardless of the colour of a person’s skin. She also talks about the activism ARC has done this year around the federal budget.

Now Hamouda and Kalutantiri are speaking. They first speak on behalf of Binaei and Caceda, saying they will create and occupy safe spaces for people of colour on campus. They also say they will work towards creating a better environment and community for students of colour. They then speak on their own behalf, emphasising the importance of ACAR.

Honi Soit October 29, 20148:02 pm

Hamouda and Kalutantiri, Binaei and Caceda (all of ACAR) are elected. This is the first time in recent campus memory that the entire Ethnic Affairs portfolio has been held by representatives preselected by an autonomous group.

Honi Soit October 29, 20148:06 pm

Global Solidarity Officers are nominated and elected:

Mary Ellen Trimble
Eleanor Morley
Isabella Helling-Smith
Fahad Ali

Someone asks Eleanor if she wants to speak. “I think people have probably heard enough from me tonight,” she replies.

Honi Soit October 29, 20148:10 pm

The following people have been nominated and elected to Indigenous and Inter-Campus office bearers positions.

Indigenous Officers

Jethro Braico
Nathan Sheldon-Anderson
Georgia Mantle
Ebony Hill

Inter-campus officers

Mary Osborn (from The Con)
Fiona Lieu (Cumbo)
Jason Kwok
Mary Ellen Trimble

Honi Soit October 29, 20148:24 pm

Interfaith officers were nominated and elected (names to come). Currently, a lengthy argument is taking place regarding Affirmative Action between Switchroots reps, Labor reps and Paulene Graham.

Honi Soit October 29, 20148:33 pm

Paulene appears to be ruling against the Switchroots argument. Apologies for the lack of clarification on what is exactly being argued; it is to do with the interpretation of what constitutes 50% of female identifying candidates for a position when affirmative action is at play.

EDIT: We have clarification. The candidates for Interfaith officer are two pairs running for two split positions – a male identifying and female identifying person from each Labor and Switchroots. Switchroots are arguing that in order to fulfil AA, one ‘candidate’ (singular or pair) must be completely female-identifying (meaning that one pair would either have to be both female-identifying or just one female-identifying person).

Paulene has ruled that AA can be reached if 50% of the candidates are female-identifying – which is achieved through the two male/female identifying pairs from each side.

Honi Soit October 29, 20148:43 pm

The following names are the people elected as Interfaith Officers:

Christopher Garvin
Fatema Ali
Serena May
Arin Harman

Honi Soit October 29, 20148:46 pm

Jun Li is the only nominee for International Students Officer. She speaks, saying she would like International students to feel safer on campus. She lists expensive tuition fees and transport concessions as big issues for international students, as well as programs who assist people who do not have English as their first language. Li gets a nice round of applause from the entire room, Paulene announces her elected and also says there remains a position open that can be filled.

Honi Soit October 29, 20148:48 pm

Fancy Chen and Christopher Donovan are elected Mature Age Students’ Officers unopposed.

Honi Soit October 29, 20148:49 pm

Paulene tells off Prez Jen Light for being on the wrong side of the room.

Hannah Pankau, Amy Davis, Joshua Han and Charlie O’Grady are elected Queer Officers for 2015 unopposed.

Honi Soit October 29, 20148:52 pm

Now nominations for Residential College Officer positions are open. Paulene has received two joint nominations. One is William Khun and Laura Webster, the other is Isabella Hellig-Smith and Tim Sullivan. They are elected.

Regular SRC watchers may remember last year’s reps elect, in which Nina Hallas was elected as Residential College Officer on a platform of burning down the colleges. Good times :’)

Honi Soit October 29, 20148:56 pm

Now to Sexual Harrassment Officers. Paulene has two joint nominations; declares them both elected. Georgia Dickinson, Isabella O’Shanassy, Serena May, Monique Newberry are elected Sexual Harrassment Officers.

For anyone still looking for ~drama~ the meeting has become much less interesting/acrimonious. Paulene rocketing through positions. The light at the end of the tunnel isn’t visible yet, but it may become visible yet.

Honi Soit October 29, 20149:02 pm

Paulene has two joint nominations for Social Justice, they are declared elected: Alice Strauss, Chloe Rafferty, Isabel O’Shanassy and Alex Eordogh.

Rafferty speaks; has a huge go at Grassroots. “Some activists like to speak to students on a daily basis, some like to drink at Hermann’s. Some like to be part of huge protests, some think it is protesting to read in a library.”

She goes on to say it is a disgrace that so many people in the room are against NUS (receiving huge shouts of support from Labor, who have taken up camp at the back of the room).

Honi Soit October 29, 20149:04 pm

Nominations for Student Housing Officers are received and candidates elected unopposed: Riki Scanlan, Andrew Mason (both Switchroots), Christopher Warren, Michael Elliott (both Labor).

Honi Soit October 29, 20149:07 pm

ANOTHER EXCITING DEVELOPMENT: The room was only booked till 9pm. Resounding groans ensue. “This happens every year!” somebody exclaims.

The security guard has to leave because he is over his allowed number of hours. He is calling general campus security to see if they can come and lock the room at the end of the night. If they CAN, the meeting can go on! If they cannot, the meeting must end – “NOOOOOOOOOO”, shouts a Labor person from the back of the room.

Honi Soit October 29, 20149:09 pm

We are saved by campus security – the meeting can go on!

Two joint nominations for Welfare Officer are handed in, they are all elected unopposed: Eden Faithfull, Luciano Carment (both Switchroots), Ivana Radix, Sarah Enderby (both Labor)

Honi Soit October 29, 20149:10 pm

The Chair of the Standing Legal Committee is elected unopposed – James Leeder of Switchroots.

Honi Soit October 29, 20149:12 pm

Ilya Klauzner elected as the Director of Finance unopposed.

Paulene receives two nominations for Director of Operations – Riki Scanlan and Alisha Aitken-Radburn. Aitken-Radburn immediately withdraws her nominations for reasons unknown. Scanlan is elected.

Honi Soit October 29, 20149:16 pm

Next, to the election of six Directors of Student Publications. These folk do the legal checking of Honi Soit each week (and other SRC publications). Paulene has seven nominations:

Christopher Warren
James Rusiti
Ilya Klauzner
Serena May
Whitney Duan
Charlie O’Grady
Alison Xiao

Honi Soit October 29, 20149:25 pm

Paulene is currently counting DSP votes, surrounding by watchful scrutineers from both sides. SAlt left about 20 minutes ago.

Honi Soit October 29, 20149:29 pm

DSPs for next year: Warren, May, Rusti, Klauzner, O’Grady, Xiao (elected in that order).

Honi Soit October 29, 20149:35 pm

Next, the election we’ve all been waiting for! It’s the Orientation Committee! Woohoo!

18 people are elected I shit you not: Harman, May, Plunkett, Warren, Kwok, Strauss, Radix, Kwon, Brook, Enderby, Dickinson, Klauzner, Harrison, Rahman, Zaczek, Pearson, Xiao, Erdogh.

Honi Soit October 29, 20149:39 pm

Now, to the only election more eagerly anticipated that Orientation Committee – Finance Committee! Five people can sit on this committee along with Prez, VP and Gen Sec.

Enderby and Nassif elected on AA, an election was to be held between Warren, Harman, Erdogh and Garvin but Warren withdrew, so Harman, Erdogh and Garvin elected.

Honi Soit October 29, 201410:01 pm

Grievance, Inter-Campus and Standing Legal are the remaining committees to be elected, and then we’re doooooooonnne. Paulene calls for nominations for Grievance.

Nominees are Webster, Miranda, Aitken-Radburn, Harman, Warren, Hardy.

Elected is Warren, Miranda, Hardy, Aitken-Radburn

Honi Soit October 29, 201410:06 pm

Inter-Campus Committee are elected unopposed– Andrew Fayad and Julie Pham.

Honi Soit October 29, 201410:18 pm

Two members of the Standing Legal Committee now to be elected. This is the last ballot of the night! Cheers all round. (Mostly just from your correspondent).

After a lengthy discussion regarding who can run according to the SRC regulations, Paulene asks the factions “Can’t you just do a deal?”

Honi Soit October 29, 201410:19 pm

Nominees for Standing Legal Committee are Suzzanne Nassif, Paul Harrison, Alisha Aitken-Radburn and Tim Sullivan. Two of these people can be elected. THE ROOM IS SILENT WITH TENSION.

Honi Soit October 29, 201410:20 pm

I lied, it’s not. The room is rowdy and frustrated.

Honi Soit October 29, 201410:28 pm

The two people elected are Paul Harrison and Alisha Aitken-Radburn.

I’d just like to add as a side note that to get the room’s attention throughout the night, Paulene has been rapping a whiteboard marker loudly on the table.

Honi Soit October 29, 201411:25 pm

Paulene hands the meeting back over to President elect Kyol Blakeney. A motion to approve the votes of the night is put, carried, and the meeting ends with a cheer and a plug for Reclaim the Night on Friday. Goodnight everybody!