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Please liberate me

Kuhen Devan on White Saviours.

Please liberate me.

Save me from my strict Indian parents, who love me and want what’s best for me, who saved and worked hard and sacrificed everything, to bring me to a country where I could have a better life

Liberate me from my traditional ethnic upbringing. I’m blind to see the ties of culture and family, are shackles holding me back. Unbind my feet, tear off my headscarf.

I need a Western hero to show me how to live. Free me from my patriarchal society

I’m an Indian man, I only know how to rape women. “Get back in the kitchen, Indian woman! Know your place!”

I don’t want to be like this, I want to be civilised like White people. I’m a poor Indian boy whose parents demand I get straight As and don’t tell me they love me.

We all raise our kids the same way, and we all look the same too. I abort my female children. And stone them. And stop them from going out. And hack at their genitals. And marry them off. And disown them for being gay Teach me human rights. Take my sons and daughters away to give them a better life.

Why do you hesitate, Leftist? Is it political correctness? Or multiculturalism gone mad that stops you from condemning me? Why are you afraid to say that Western culture is better? Will you let me suffer when I need rescuing?

Brainwashed and broken, I don’t know what’s best for me. Teach me to be free. Liberate me.

You can’t free other people, or tell them what’s best for them. Paternalism is another kind of prison. I can only be freed by my own hand. The only kind of liberation worth having is the kind you make for yourself, choose for yourself, create for yourself. Anything else is a cage made by well-meaning people.

I can liberate myself.

But who will liberate me from you?

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