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Straight white guy problems

By Tash Gillezeau.

1. when you write on the weekly shopping list hey mum get me 21 chicken breasts but she only gets four of those little packets that come with 3 breasts each notably not free range wtf mum

2. thanks dicko for the #ALSicebucket challenge nomination lucky the rig is in check uh whattagreatcause i nominate the boys charlie jack and billy you know the drill jesus wat am
i doin with my life

4. when you find out your mates got high without you and you werent doing anything that night

7. getting to a lecture hungover lectures cancelled greaaatttt now what am i gonna do for two hours

10. running into your geography teacher from school hi sir how’s it going yeah not too bad not too bad man that was awkward

11. when your ex is on exchange having fun and its like okay cool i think we all get it your in italy

12. that one really stingy mate nah your alright mate your alright

18. when you specifically tell your boss you cant work saturday night because your going out and he rosters you on anyway and then says you have to find someone to cover it or you have to do it

15. when someone steals your snapback at a house party and its kind of funny but stressful keeping track of it and acting cool about it at the same time

14. listening to asap rocky and your iphone battery dies before the end of the song