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White Female Comedian Uses Gender Card to Make Racist Jokes

Connie Ye didn’t laugh out loud.

In a shocking turn of events at Tuesday night’s open-mic night, comedian Jane Summers faced an overwhelmingly hostile crowd at the local RSL when she played her popular gender card to embark upon a series of highly charged racial rants.

Topics included ‘Those Refugees’, ‘Immigrants’ and ‘Solutions to the Middle East’, each alleged joke being prefaced with the disclaimer “As a strong independent woman”.
After the disastrous performance was received with stunned silence, Ms Summers gave an unsolicited interview backstage.

“I don’t understand, my personal experiences of marginalization should automatically make all my bigoted observations hilarious,” she said.

“My liberal childhood upbringing in an all white suburb gives me the perfect platform to champion the disadvantages of people who may not look like me, sound like me, think like me or live like me, right?” she wondered.

However, comedy-goers were none too pleased at Ms Summers’ choice of material.

“Critics call her edgy, we call her a fucking idiot,” one regular noted.