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Review: The Grange That Stole Christmas

Georgia Kriz had mixed feelings.

The Grange That Stole Christmas Poster

I was warned that The Grange That Stole Christmas would be incredibly offensive and crude.

I was not disappointed.

In between ebola and child molestation-themed song parodies (“catch my disease” and “tie me choirboy down, sport”, respectively) MH370/MH17 jokes and characters who were outrageous racial stereotypes, this show was about as offensive as they come here at Sydney “52 genders in an Honi Soit survey” University.

Beyond being offensive, most gags were delivered crudely. Joe Baine’s characterisation of Joe Hockey extended to stuffing a pillow under his shirt (JOE’S FAT, GEDDIT?!?!?!?!), and the only funny thing about Michael Koziol’s Scott Ludlam was his stupid, ill-fitting wig.

In fairness, there were also some great bits in amongst the offensive shit. Tanya Plibersek (ably played by the very talented Lane Sainty) convening a Greens caucus was exceptionally funny, and Curtis Dickson’s Bronwyn Bishop was as beautiful as she was hilarious. The band was absolutely top notch (shout-out to drummer Grace Franki for her dance cameo) and all the singing was excellent. And more broadly, it’s always a pleasure to see student writers and actors come together to produce a show just because they can – cheers to SUDS for enabling this so consistently and so well.

And at the end of the day, this was a pantomime – they’re meant to be outrageous, awful and about as subtle as a Barry Spurr insult. I got what I expected and what I came for, and happily, I was also a bit pleasantly surprised.


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