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OWeek Editorial

Peter Walsh pens Honi’s first editorial of 2015.

Oweek Editorial

Typically, these O-Week editorials are meant to restart the conversation about Honi Soit.[1] They’re usually written by someone burdened by a particular dislike of the past editors, and are by and large composed of a middling kind of rebuttal-cum-prospectus; a vapid attempt at excising the past while setting the table for the future…

The challenge we’ve set for ourselves this year is to represent the same kaleidoscope of experience in our paper as you will experience in your time at university. Our prospectus, if we have one, is to present with fidelity as many voices we can find. Last week, a number of people found our website by googling “Honi Soit join”, and to any of you thinking the same: please do.[2]

We’re open for consultation in our offices beneath the Wentworth Building on Wednesdays between 11am and 1pm, or you can email us at We’ll publish anything on the proviso it’s good.

As for our logo, we’ve gone with a snake eating itself,[3] which, depending on your view, means either:

That Honi, for all its O-Week promises of revolution, is a broadly recurring variation on a theme—same but kind of different, ad infinitum; or:

That just as the snake will never devour its own head, the newspaper won’t—can’t!—exhaust its possibility.[4]

Over the holidays, our printing press liquidated, our offices were closed for renovation, and we received a not-insignificant number of legal threats. It’s February now and we’re still here: new printers the same, if a little more expensive; offices the same, if a little more nicely painted; legal threats still steadily coursing in. Things I thought would scuttle us have sailed by. Same, but kind of different, right?

[1] “What conversation?” opines loudly the person who reads the newspaper as a means of raising their blood pressure.

[2] Admittedly, we also got found by “does crystal meth have magnet or electricity in it”, no question mark.

[3] It previously devoured an Ibis, but was undernourished.

[4] You could probably also say something about the snake shedding its skin each year, which, I imagine Honi does as well, but even entertaining this metaphor makes me want to beat myself up.

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