Ellen DeGeneres dancing forever

This is what happens when you watch telly.

In a new viral hit, American talk show host Ellen DeGeneres has proven, once again, why she is the uncontested queen of daytime television, and dance.

The comedian, famously known for her mum-friendly, light-hearted content and spontaneous groovy dance moves, has released a video on YouTube urging everyone to dance all the time, forever.

In the video, Ellen dances in a shapeless void and speaks without using her mouth. After three straight hours of dancing to the sound of some hands clapping by themselves, the TV personality declares “Everyone should dance! It’s just such a great way to have fun, please help me!”

Ellen’s video quickly gained massive media attention, with over twelve million hits within its first four hours online.

“This cavern—or is it a fine mist?—is my eternal punishment for a day in which I did not dance once,” DeGeneres says in the video.

“When I was back in the sunlight world, there was one day where I didn’t dance,” she says, “but now there will be no more days where I don’t dance!”

Annotations on the clip hinted at an upcoming music video featuring a tired but smiling DeGeneres rocking out to Bruno Mars’ ‘Uptown Funk,’ performed as a duet by Bruno Mars On The Day He Dies, and Bruno Mars On The Day He Realises His Own Mortality.

You can view the original video on the Garter Press website at: