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Where to Eat Alone on Campus

Louisa Studman is lonely.

Cadigal Green

The ergonomic chairs are a treat for your scoliosis and the way they angle you, 35° to the ground, makes you feel as if you’re a spaceperson, millions of miles from the nearest human being—which I guess is figuratively true of your situation now.

International Student Lounge

Beanbags are a prime choice for those lunching alone. No one can sit beside you, and, if you sandwich yourself between beanbags, it’s like returning to a womb made of packaging peanuts. As an added bonus, the lounge eliminates any risk of lunchtime sunburn, so you can maintain your healthy computer screen glow.

Vice Chancellor’s Garden

The VC’s Garden is a little space tucked away in the back of the main quad. Rumour has it the man himself seeks refuge in its shady embrace, hand on a tree’s trunk, looking outward into the sky, imagining the life where he didn’t stop playing guitar.

Law Lawns

The Law Lawns are traditionally the domain of people in obscenely large groups, but the amount of solipsism on display means you can slot yourself between and among anyone and never be noticed at all. There, nestled between the beautiful people, you can sit around and watch the ibises rustle, safe from bird attack. Bear witness to the lost souls on Eastern Avenue and revel in your misanthropy.

Literally anywhere

In the grand scale of the universe we are all alone.