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Breathy Minutes: Robert Downey Jr.

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“The main difference”, Mr Junior explained, sitting in his studio apartment situated in the centre of the Disney Studio Lot, “it’s pretty much all in the title. This is after all, the second film and not the first”.

I was lucky enough to have a chance to sit down with Mr Junior in between filming for his next appearance in Captain America 3, the Marvel Cinematic Universe star made sure to clarify that although it was a Captain America film and that he was in it, it was not going to just be Iron Man 3.

He reclines in his Iron Man pyjamas and flashes me a Tony Stark smile before continuing,  “I mean when I first read the script I did wonder why it wasn’t Iron Man 3, but then Kevin (Feige) explained to me that that’s not what the fans would want, so we’re trying something different by trying not to just re-film all those scenes again”.

Feeling as if we were getting a bit ahead of the current blockbuster season, I tried to direct the conversation once back to Age of Ultron and return to the negative reviews the film was already starting to garner, “I’ve often found that most of the people who have been criticising this movie for being the same as Avengers, were not actually watching Avengers 2, but were in fact watching The Avengers on Blu-Ray in their homes”.

“And what kind of attitude do you suggest we should be taking to this movie event?”

“Look,” feeling the gravitas of the moment, Mr Junior removed his glasses and revealed to me that he had been wearing his Iron Man mask the entire time, “To those who are coming in to the cinema thinking that this will just be the same thing as Avengers, should try and understand that this is in fact a different movie with some new characters and a different plot”.

“And for those of you who want to just watch ‘Avengers 1’ again, well all I can say is that we have something very special planned for ‘Avengers 3’”.

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